7 Reasons You Need to Boost Your Workout ...


7 Reasons You Need to Boost Your Workout ...
7 Reasons You Need to Boost Your Workout ...

You finally get to that point in your life when it is time to boost your workout. Maybe you are stuck in a routine of doing the elliptical at the gym each day and lifting weights, but are not seeing results. Or maybe you are walking the same route each day and finding you are bored. Is there a lack of passion and energy in your current fitness regimen? If you answered yes, it is time for you to boost your workout to the next level. Let me share the reasons you need to boost your workout so that you will see results!

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See Better Results

According to numerous recent studies by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, if you boost your workout and train harder it is twice as effective as normal exercise. Plus you will burn more calories in your one hour work out. What’s more, by boosting your workout you can improve your oxygen use, endurance and strength. This is better for your heart and mind!


Eliminate Boredom

Do you ever find you are dragging in your workout because you are tired of doing the same thing? This is a definite sign you need to change up your current program and boost your workout. Exercise should be hard work that is exciting and ever challenging! If it becomes easy, you need to boost your workout and challenge yourself.


Think More Clearly

Recent research has shown that brain conductivity is better after working out at a higher intensity. So you will think more clearly and more effectively after you boost your workout. That is a great reason to amplify your current routine!


Make Better Food Choices

Studies show that people who work out harder eat smarter, making better food choices. This can be attributed to the release of endorphins in endurance sports or after working hard, encouraging people to look at food differently.


Feel More Accomplished

No matter how tired I am, I always find inner strength to push my workout hardest the last fifteen minutes so I finish strong! There is a greater sense of accomplishment when you finish your workout strong. Try sprinting at the end of your run and see how you feel later in the day knowing you were strong enough to push to that next level. This is definitely a confidence booster as well!


Add Intense Training and Burn More Calories

According to the Mayo Clinic, intense training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. And the best part of intense training is that you will get your heart rate up higher and burn more calories. The more vigorously you exercise the more calories you’ll burn— even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time. So go ahead and boost your workout with intense training and with the quick results you will see you will be glad you did!


Accomplish Your Goals with Reminders

Looking for motivation to boost your workout and stay on track? Then write yourself daily notes. A little inspiration goes a long way. What better person to keep you on track, then yourself. You cannot hide from yourself, right? *wink

Now that you have read the reasons you should boost your workout, there is no excuse not to get on track and get going. Will you boost your workout and sign up for a new exercise class or go at this solo?

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I've been doing intense workouts for about a week now and it's a little discouraging when you see the scale go up, but I think it's because of muscles, hopefully haha, don't give up!

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