7 Ways Pull Ups Will Get You Beach Ready ...


7 Ways Pull Ups Will Get You Beach Ready ...
7 Ways Pull Ups Will Get You Beach Ready ...

Are you ready for the beach body of your dreams? There are endless reasons pull ups will get you beach ready! This is an exercise that is challenging but because of the results it is well worth the work. Most of my clients venture on their weight loss efforts with dreams of six pack abs, sculpted and lean arms, and a back that would make their significant other drool. I work with these clients by providing exercises to help them to attain their goals and now I will share this with you! Here are 7 ways pull ups can make this dream into a reality. Countdown the days to the beach by building your pull up strength and transform your body in the process!

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Pull Ups Can Be Performed Anywhere

To perform pull ups you do not need expansive equipment. In order to perform pull ups all you need is a portable pull up bar to sit on your door frame or you can even visit your local park playground and use the monkey bars for pull ups! Move over little ones, it is my time to play at the park! *wink*


Pull Ups Are for All Fitness Levels

Do not be discouraged if you have little upper body strength. Even beginners can do modified pull ups to build strength and sculpt your arms, abs and back. Pulls ups will also help you to build muscle, a key ingredient in losing weight and keeping this weight off. With dedication to this exercise you will transform you upper body and be beach body ready in no time!


Pulls Work Many Muscle Groups

Similar to the pushup, in the pull up numerous muscles groups are used when performing this exercise. If you are not convinced to begin your pull up routine read about all the muscles you will be working. This is definitely an exercise that gives you a great bang for your buck and will be an efficient way to use your workout time. Pulls ups work the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, arms and core!


Preparation for a Pull up is a Great Stretch

Preparation is exactly as it sounds in its title all you need to do is hang and prepare for a pull up. The pull up bar hang is a great way to get used to the pull up grip, relax the muscles and stretch the muscles in preparation for a pull up. If you have a tight lower back the pull up hang is a great way to stretch and loosen out the muscles.


Pull Ups Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Burning fat and building muscle are essential for weight loss and physical fitness, and whether or not you can complete an entire rep of pull ups you’ll need to add the outer grip pull up to your pull up workout. Just make sure your knuckles are facing you to properly perform this exercise. The outer grip pull up is more difficult because this form forces you to use your entire body (with a focus on core) for lifting not just your upper body.


Pull Ups Will Tone and Strengthen Your Core

A strong core is critical to correctly perform a pull up or push up workout, particularly if you want to avoid injury and knee ups help strengthen your core . Knee ups are similar to the captain’s chair equipment seen in a gym but in this case your only equipment needed is a pull up bar (can be a portable pull up bar) or you can also perform this exercise on the monkey bars at a park. To do knee ups you hang from the bar and bring your knees up to your chest to strengthen your abs. By building your abdominal strength and core exercises such as pull ups, pushups and many other exercises will come much easier!


Pull Ups Feel Great

Performing pull ups feel amazing! You feel accomplished, strong and sexy and you can wear your bikini with pride. When you perform pull ups you will feel empowered, amazing athlete! And nothing is more sexy than confidence!

Embark on the pull up challenge and see your body transform by making your beach body dream into a reality. Countdown the days to summer to transform your body by integrating pull-ups into your fitness routine! With hard work and dedication you can have the body you deserve! How will you integrate pull ups into your daily routine?

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Question? If I don't have upper body strength but want to start doing pull-ups. What's the best way to start out?

For me there isn't better excercise than pole dancing :)

You're not supposed to stretch before doing physical activity or working out. It does no good, but it can actually cause injury. You just want to do light warming up. :)

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