7 Amazing Ways to Exercise ...


7 Amazing Ways to Exercise ...
7 Amazing Ways to Exercise ...

Sometimes we find ourselves bored with our current workouts, and we forget that there are different ways to exercise. Fun ways, activities that’ll not only help you lose weight, but could also completely change your life. If you’re looking for something new to spice up your workout, check out this list of amazing ways to exercise.

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Belly Dance

This is my number one recommended out of all the ways to exercise. Belly dance offers so many benefits, it’s crazy! Not only will it tone your muscles and burn plenty of calories, but it’ll also help you with your grace and fluidity even if you don’t realize it! After taking classes over the summer, you have no idea how many comments I got about something being different. A good different. Learning belly dance also helps with self-esteem and body image, as it’s good for every body type. I’m not kidding, whatever size you are, you can belly dance. Actually, the more curves you have, the better! It’s not called BELLY dance for nothing!


Pole Dancing

This idea always makes some ladies cringe, but it doesn’t have to! Unless you’re a stripper, there’s nothing sexual or wrong about pole dancing. However, it is SEXY, and it’s an intense work out that’ll work on muscles you didn’t even know you had. I’ve seen women in pole dancing classes do things that quite frankly defy the laws of gravity. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, give it a try!


Salsa Classes

If you’ve ever danced salsa before, you know that it can be quite the workout! Plus, it’s the most amazing fun you’ve ever had in your life. This is best if you grab a friend or boyfriend and take a class. You’ll be losing weight, and pretty soon you’ll wow everyone with your dance moves!


Self-Defense Class

I’m taking a self-defense class right now and it’s amazing! My muscles have toned and I feel like I can take over the world after class. I think everyone should take a self-defense class as some point because it’s invaluable information on how to protect yourself, but at the same time you’re working on those legs and abs muscles like nobody’s business.



When people think of exercise, they often think of yoga and completely forget about yoga’s close cousin, Pilates. Pilates are different in that it’s not so much about flexibility as it is about muscle tone. But this is an amazing workout if you only have a few minutes to spare each day. Buy a DVD set and pop one in when you get home from work.


Spontaneous Exercise

If I’m too stationary for a long period of time, such as on weekends when I have plenty of computer time, I’ll do spontaneous workouts. Meaning, I’ll randomly get up from my computer and start doing jumping jacks or push ups. I usually do it for about 2-3 minutes, and then I resume my lounging as if nothing ever happened. Imagine if you do this five or six times. All those little bursts of exercise will add up quickly, and before you know it you’ll have burned quite a few calories.


Home Redecoration

This may not be a viable option for everyone, but home redecoration is a killer way to burn calories and get in quite a bit of exercise. From carrying heavy boxes and furniture to painting walls, there are so many ways that home redecoration can get you some exercise. Haven’t you ever felt like your arms were going to fall off after you finished painting a wall? I know I have, but that’s good! It means your arms got a great workout. It doesn’t even have to be anything major, perhaps just moving around some furniture can give you a workout.

I know it’s hard to find ways to exercise sometimes, especially with all the business and excitement in your life. But have you ever considered doing any of these for exercise? If you have done them, how did you like it? If not, do you plan on doing any of them?

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Pilates is Amazing! And I much prefer it to yoga which makes me feel very inflexible and ridiculous!

The first two have literally saved my life!

I wanna try pole dancing!!!!

I am dying to take salsa lessons!

I used to teach pole dancing

Belly dance!

Wau :)


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