7 Yoga Positions to Tone Your Butt ...


7 Yoga Positions to Tone Your Butt ...
7 Yoga Positions to Tone Your Butt ...

Have you ever wanted to know a few yoga positions to tone your butt? The bum is one of the hardest areas to get in shape. Running is great and Pilates can do wonders for your abs, but yoga is my go-to for the bum. These yoga positions to tone your butt can be added to your favorite sequence, or made into a bum-tastic yoga routine... Be prepared to feel the burn!

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Chair Pose

Chair pose uses your core muscles along with the inner and outer thighs, glutes, and the back. This position is one of my fave yoga positions to tone your butt because it works the whole back region. If you want to add a little extra to this pose, try the twisting chair pose, or hold for a longer amount of time. One minute of chair pose mixed in with your usual yoga routine is sure to give you glutes of steel!


Triangle Pose

Triangle pose focuses on keeping your body straight and hips in line with back. This is great if you are wanting to work your upper bum and get a little extra stretching in as well. The combination of stretching and muscle building ensures that our muscles won't bulk up. The pose also has a few variations for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis out there.


Warrior Three

Get ready to feel this pose everywhere! Warrior Three is asking you to, pretty much, form your body into a "T" with your arms, torso, and leg parallel to the floor. This works your shoulders, arms, chest, abs, and your bum most of all. If you have a hard time with balance, you may prefer to start with arms at your side instead of straight out, or be close to something you can grab in case things get wobbly.


Dancing Shiva

Don't you just love that name? Me too! The god Shiva is portrayed with one bent leg supporting him and one bent leg in the air. He has multiple arms and they are going every which way. This pose will work the muscles of the supporting leg and the raised leg like madness. It is also great for the triceps and the trapezius muscles!


Goddess Pose

We are keeping all our gods and goddesses in a row. This pose is a little like a second position plie, but your legs should be a bit wider and you do not come back up for quite some time. Staying in goddess pose for a minute or more will definitely get your muscles burning and leave you feeling like quite the accomplished lady. Channel your inner goddess and ignore the urge to stand up. Your new, gravity defying bum will thank you in the end.


Warrior Two

This is my absolute favorite yoga position. I fell in love with yoga by doing a Yogamazing warrior sequence and now have Warrior Two in every flow I do. No matter how often I do this pose, I always feel it in those tiny, hard to reach muscles the next day. This pose is great for all three glute muscles, arms, shoulders, and those ilio and abductor muscles of the leg. Do this pose in your next sequence and the results could make it your favorite too!


Bridge Pose?

Oh Bridge pose, such a wonderful way to relax while burning fat. This pose is not quite as intense as Goddess or Warrior Three, but it will work your upper bum all the same. If you would like to increase the burn of this position, try lowering your body so you are almost touching the ground, then rising back up. You can also raise one leg straight up for some extra burntastic results. Any way you do it, this pose is guaranteed to help your rear defy that pesky gravity!

Yoga is so fantastic for legs, it keeps them lean and toned without having bulky muscles or extra jiggle. My favorite yoga routines include at least five of these poses after a nice jog. What are some of your fave ways to do yoga? ​

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Great stuff.. Except, Kushangi has already pointed out, Shiva is a male god, not a goddess... Long hair in half updo are probably misleading... But it is an honest mistake on your part of course...

Yeah ... Shiva is half male and half female according to Hindu mythology.

How about some photos??

Can someone explain 3 to me please?

Wow guys shiva is a man

I see the boobs

Shiva is a Hindu God and not Goddess.... you can make the suitable correction.

Yeah I agree photos

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