7 Ways to Workout without Working out ...


7 Ways to Workout without Working out ...
7 Ways to Workout without Working out ...

On the days that time is short and your to-do list is long, we need a few ways to workout without working out. Whether you are out of time and that jog is not going to happen, or you just want to get some extra toning in, there are a few quick ways to burn calories in our daily life. Adding a few of these ways to workout without working out into your day can take the place of the gym when needed, or make a massive difference in your health over time.

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Do Daily Actives... Faster

This is one of my favorite ways to workout without working out since it gets my heart rate up and helps shave a few minutes off my daily routine. My favorite way to do this is by making the bed. Between lifting pillows, comforters, and all the tucking involved, you can work up quite a sweat; add in some speed and you have a bonafide workout! Put some competition in it and see how much faster you can get. Just be sure you are still doing the same quality of work; it is not efficient if we have to go back and redo later that day.


Take the Stairs

There is a reason every gym out there has a stair climber... these guys do wonders for our posterior and get our heart rate elevated. Thank goodness, we do not need a gym membership to work this one. By opting for the stairs over the elevator, you are increasing your heart rate, burning fat, building muscle, and loosening up stiff joints. If you are wearing heels, this will also work your calves like a 5K. Depending on the number of stairs you are climbing, this could be a massive workout all by its lonesome!


Get a Grocery Basket

By taking the basket instead of a grocery cart, we get a massive arm workout and curb unneeded spending. Gotta love a two-fer! Holding a grocery basket will work you trapezius, triceps, biceps, and all those tiny muscles in our forearms. Just be sure you get an even workout by swapping arms every few minutes. Do not be surprised if your arms feel like you lifted weights the next day; this one can really work those muscles.


Sit up Straight

Sitting up can do wonders for our abs and back, but it can also help our health. The Cleveland Clinic says that poor posture can lead to a permanent curved positioning of the spine. This permanent position can cause muscle pain, spinal disk and nerve problems, and issues with our blood vessels. By sitting up straight we can get some extra muscle definition and reduce the risks of arthritis in our joints. Yes, please!


Play with Your Pet

Exercise is just as important to our furry buddies as it is to us. If you have a dog, a walk a day can do wonders for his joints and yours. Playing and running inside is also a great way to bond with your pet while working off that afternoon snack. Find out what activity your pet enjoys, and try to make it a daily routine. This will help both of you stay healthy and get some extra bonding in as well.

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Breathing exercises are an important part of most workouts. But, did you know they can be done on there own too? Using breathing patterns can increase oxygen to our organs and help our muscles relax. If you are feeling stressed or sluggish, try inhaling for five seconds and exhaling for ten. This 5/10 pattern can increase oxygen, help circulation, and reduce stress and fatigue.



Do not worry, I am not talking about jogging in the sense of going out and running a mile. This form of jogging will, actually, help shave unneeded time from your schedule. Instead of walking to the kitchen or to your desk, try jogging. Researchers say quick bursts of activity can have the same muscle toning and fat burning effects as a 30 minute workout! These brief workouts can help the body regulate blood sugar levels and burn more calories. Why was I ever jogging for 30 minutes a day?

New research is finding that fitness does not have to be an all or nothing sacrifice. Staying healthy can be as simple as parking a few spaces back or leaving a few French fries on the plate. What are some of your favorite ways to workout without working out?

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