7 Ways to Get out of a Workout Rut ...


7 Ways to Get out of a Workout Rut ...
7 Ways to Get out of a Workout Rut ...

If January has gone from daily workouts to internet stalking with a bowl of Haagen Dazs, chances are, you need a few ways to get out of a workout rut. Everyone gets stuck in a workout rut at some point. Whether it be from lack of results, a feeling like there is no time, or boredom with your current routine, there are a few quick tricks to getting some more use out of those shiny, new sneakers. Here are seven quick and easy ways to get out of a workout rut!

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Get a New Outfit

A new outfit is one of the quickest ways to get out of a workout rut. Getting a new, cute outfit can help us feel better about the way we look, one of the biggest issues most women face when going to the gym. The excitement of wearing a new outfit can also bring back a bit of that workout excitement we had at the beginning of January. Yes, black is slimming, but brighter is always better when fighting the workout blues. Go for brighter colors to emphasize happiness and give skin that extra umph it needs in the yucky, fluorescent gym lighting.


Set Some New Goals or Specify Existing Ones

Goals are such an important part of working out. Try setting positive goals in the text of already being achieved, like, "I am so happy I lost 5 pounds and fit into those size 4 jeans." This little secret can inspire us to complete our goals and reinforce that the goal is possible. To really get your goals moving, read them out-loud at least once per day.


Track Success

Seeing success is one of the best ways to get excited about anything. You can track workout success by having befores and afters at the start and end of each month. These can be as simple as a picture of that problem area or a sentence about how you are feeling. Simple tracking methods can show those little changes in weight, energy, and performance that are harder to see over a month’s time, but no less exciting.


Get a Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor will quickly become one of your favorite workout companions; who else can tell you the calories you’re burning or when your heart rate is out of zone? These little gems tell us when we are in fat burning, muscle burning, or resting zones so we don’t have to stress about it. Thank goodness, something that will tell me when I need to cool down or work harder and let me know how great a job I did. Yes, please!


Mix up Your Workout Routine

Sometimes, we just get a little bored. By adding some new components to a workout, you can help bring the excitement back and increase results. Changing up a workout can also help get us off the results plateau by working new muscle groups in different ways. Yoga is great in combination with jogging and cardio. Swimming and cycling work different muscle groups and are a great pairing as well.


Workout with Friends

Working out with friends can turn something we think is monotonous into something exciting. The best part is that friends will help keep each other accountable when working out gets difficult. Try signing up for some group classes or meeting up for a jog in the park. Chances are, you will have more fun and workout more often if you are not alone.


Listen to New Music

Have you ever noticed you run faster when that one favorite song starts up? Me too. If your workouts are loosing their luster, your playlist may be loosing its edge as well. Reinvigorate your workout by listening to some new music. No need to purchase 100 new songs; just use Pandora or Spotify for free music you can mix to your heart’s content.

These quick tips can help get anyone out of a fitness rut and onto seeing results. Making workouts fun and results oriented is a great way to reinvigorate something boring or overdone. What are some of your go-to workouts when things start getting dull?

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Try something new! Hot yoga, Pilates, interval running

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