10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs ...


10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs ...
10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs ...

With spring and its leg showing apparel just around the corner, you may be wanting a few exercises to tone your thighs. Who knows if that little groundhog will grant us an early spring, but best be prepared all the same! These ten exercises to tone your thighs will get us ready for those short shorts, sun dresses, and flirty skirts that come with warmer weather!

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Chair Kicks

Chair kicks are one of the best exercises to tone your thighs. Best of all, you only need a chair to complete them! Place a chair in front of you either facing towards you (beginner) or away from you (advanced). Stand to the left of the chair and kick you right leg, then your left over it, then do the reverse back to the starting position. I like to complete at least 30 per side, 60 total, for a fat burning, leg toning workout.


Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are guaranteed to work more than your thighs alone, so get ready for a complete body workout in one minute. Start in push-up position with your shoulders over wrists and your bum down. Alternate bringing your right, then left leg in towards your chest as fast and far as you can. Complete these for one minute and feel the burn!


Second Position Plie

Ballet helps keep fit, lean muscles that have a great amount of strength. One great position to help legs is second position plie. Legs should be hip width apart and rotated outward, arms should be straight out at your sides. Bend legs as far down as possible while keeping your body straight and bum tucked in - this is very important! When you have gone as low as possible, rise up slowly, making sure to keep your feet on the floor at all times.



Lunges are to legs what David Beckham is to soccer. These are the leg workout staple because of how well they work our legs. Try completing jumping lunges for a higher intensity - just get into lunge position and jump up, switching legs in the air. You can also lunge out at a 45 degree angle to work your outer thigh a bit extra.


Warrior 3

This will work your inner thighs and bum like nothing else. Get into lunge position, then twist your back leg so it is sideways and your front so it is facing forward. Bend the front leg over the foot and keep the back leg straight, making sure to keep hips in line with the torso. Arms should be parallel to the ground and in the same line as your torso. Hold this position for 30 second to 1 minute to start.


Plank Toe Rolls

Most people do not think of planks when they think thigh workouts, but these are great for the hip flexors and inner thigh muscles. Get into plank position for advanced, or lowered plank for beginner. Start with the balls of the feet on the ground, then roll forward so your tip-toes are the only part of the foot touching the floor. Hold, then roll back to starting position.



This is another group of ballet poses that will leave your thighs and bum fats crying for mercy. Hold the back of a chair that comes to your mid torso. Keep your body straight and hips in line while you kick your right leg behind you. Bend the leg (attitude), hold, then straighten and hold in Arabesque before returning to starting. I like to complete ten on the right, then ten on the left for legs any VS Angel would be jealous of!



Squats are fantastic for our thighs and bum! Stand with feet hip width apart and facing forward. Ams should be tucked into the chest, or, out straight in front of you for an added workout. Bend legs down as far as possible while keeping the back straight and the bum tucked under. Hold at the lowest point, then rise back up to the starting position.


Chair Pose

This yoga pose does wonders for the inner thighs and bum. Start standing straight up with feet side-by-side. Bend legs as far down as possible while keeping your body straight- like sitting in a chair. Arms should be on either side of your ears and eyes should be looking towards the ceiling. Hold for at least 45 seconds to a minute.


Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are oh-so good for out lower abs, back, and thighs! Lay on the floor with hands under your tail bone and legs out straight. Raise legs off the floor in increments of a few inches, then a 45 degree angle, then back to a few inches. Start with 30 second to 1 minute increments and increase as desired.

These 10 exercises are sure to get our legs ready for anything, including our spring wardrobe! You can add these to an existing workout, or, make a leg-tastic workout of your very own with any or all the exercises here. What are some of your favorite leg exercises to add in?

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Wish der were pictures

Stairs!!! I live near an area that has about 100 stairs going up a hill to a view point over the community. They are a killer but they totally work.

Wish there was pictures

I love squats and mountain climbers, they make my workout most of the time, so I save them for last. :D

Try adding pics ,it will help more

Amina, I love climbing stairs too! Chair kicks are a close second though

How do I become a writing contributor?

Would love to see the pictures of how they are done

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