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7 Belly Dance Moves to Tone Your Body ...

By Ashley

Belly dance is a great workout, and there are tons of belly dance moves that will firm and tone your body in all the right places! The best part? It’s super easy for all women, even those without any dance experience at all. Doing all of these moves combined will give you a full-body toning workout. These belly dance moves are good to do when you want to get up and moving, but don’t want to work up a sweat.

1 Basic Shimmy

The most basic of belly dance moves is the shimmy, and it’s relatively easy to learn. This move is absolutely fantastic because it works your entire core, from your abs, to your oblique muscles, and even your leg muscles. Once you have the shimmy down, even if you can’t go full-speed (it’s all about technique, not ability!), I recommend finding a song that you can comfortably shimmy to on beat. Dancing to it once a day will give your muscles a great workout, and I promise you’ll see a difference in the tone in no time!

2 Snake Arms

A great way to tone your arms is with the snake arms move. I took a belly dance class last summer, and one day my teacher had us do a snake arm drill for five minutes straight. At first it doesn’t seem like such a workout, but after awhile you can really feel the tension in your muscles. Try to do it for as long as you can to get the most toning.

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3 Small Hip Circle

If you’d like to do some easy work on toning your abs, this small hip circle will do a great job of that. It takes a lot of muscle control to keep the movement contained, which is why it’s actually better to do a smaller circle as opposed to the larger hip circles.

4 Vertical Figure 8

This is one of my favorite moves, mostly because it’s incredibly sexy and it’s something you can use in just about any form of dance. (As a tip, this is a move you can pull out if you’re at a club and you really want to impress a guy.) But, that aside, it’s a move that will tone those oblique muscles, which will help in getting rid of love handles if you have them. Just like with the shimmy, find a song you can do these to for the entire duration of the music and go for it!

5 Horizontal Figure 8

More ab work, because belly dance is all about, well, the belly. But these horizontal figure 8s will also work on your back muscles. I know I have a problem with a little extra fat on my lower back, so doing these helped to tone the muscles and when I lost weight, I have to say I looked good.

6 Interior Hip Circle

This is really great for toning the lower abs, which is where I think a lot of women may need the help. I know for me personally, the fat goes more to the bottom of my stomach, so toning my lower abs helps to reduce that. If you have the same problem I do, then the interior hip circle is for you!

7 Belly Roll

Ah, yes, the belly roll. I’d say that most people are familiar with the belly roll when it comes to belly dance, however it’s not as simple as many would think. It takes a lot of precision and ab control, which makes it a really intense toning workout for all the muscles in your abs. The belly roll takes some mastering of isolation of the upper and lower abs, so don’t worry if you don’t get it at first. Keep trying, that’s the most important part.

Belly dance has become a daily part of my life, and ever since I started, I’ve noticed a considerable toning of my muscles. I really hope these moves help you! I challenge you to try this “belly dance workout” everyday for a week, and let me know if you see results!

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