8 Fun TV Show Workout Routines ...


8 Fun TV Show Workout Routines ...
8 Fun TV Show Workout Routines ...

The best way to work out is by doing a routine that's fun and entertaining, which is where fun TV show workouts come in handy! These workout routines can be a huge motivator if you commit to following the guidelines completely! It's also a great way to multi-task catching up on your favorite show. So instead of sitting on the couch the next time you're watching your reruns or new episodes of your favorite TV shows, try these fun TV show workout routines instead!

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Pretty Little Liars

First up on our list of TV show workouts is none other than Pretty Little Liars! Whether or not you are willing to admit it, this show is one of those addicting shows that takes us all back to high school. Plus, watching the girls in their awesome outfits may be an extra boost for you to exercise! So whether you're newly addicted to the show and trying to catch up, or just having a marathon on a rainy day, get off the couch and feel better about sitting in front of the TV!

Theme song: Do high knees until it's over

When someone gets a text from A: 20 sit-ups

When someone says Ally's murder: 10 jumping jacks

When Garret is mentioned: 5 burpees

When anyone uses their cellphone: 5 squats

When Hanna shops: Do a plank until she's done shopping

When someone gets kissed: 10 lunges per leg

When someone cries: 10 squats

When someone tells a lie: 10 reverse crunches

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials


New Girl

New Girl is a great show to have a workout routine for because the same types of things happen in almost every episode. Schmidt has a hilarious one liner, Jessica does something awkward, and Nick and Jess keep having weird moments together. Plus, being forced to watch Cece the model may just be the motivation you need to keep exercising! Either that or the motivation of wanting to grab a Schmidt look-alike someday!

Theme song: Do Russian twists until it's over (if short theme, do 10 jumping jacks after)

Every time Jess sings: 10 sit-ups

When something in the apartment breaks: 20 jumping jacks

Whenever Nick and Jess have a moment: 15 squats

Every time Nick fights with Jess: 50 punches

Every time Schmidt says something hilarious: 15 lunges per leg

Every time Schmidt mentions Cece: 10 push ups

Every time Cece visits the loft: 10 burpees

Every time you see the locker room bathroom: 30 second side plank per side

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials


The Walking Dead

Don't worry, I didn't forget about all of you Walking Dead fans out there! I'm actually surprised so many girls love the show but I find it awesome that there are! I tried to keep the numbers low as there is usually a ton of these that happen over the course of an episode. Just keep track of how many it adds up to and do them at your own pace. Just pretend you're practicing to survive a real zombie Apocalypse!

Theme song: Plank until it's over

Every time you see a walker: 5 squats

Every time someone kills a walker: 5 crunches

Every time someone dies: 30 jumping jacks

Every time someone screams: 10 lunges per leg

**Every time someone cries:**10 reverse crunches

Every time some draws a weapon: 5 push ups

Someone refers to the living: 5 burpees

Every time Rick talks on the walkie talkie: 20 bicycles

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials



Hopefully I'm not alone in saying that I could watch re-runs of Friends episodes any day of the week! If you're the same way, then you will love this fun Friends TV show workout! Even though the show has ended, it's still fun to have marathons every now and then when you need a few laughs and some nostalgia. So next time you want to revisit your 'Friends,' why not throw in a little exercise too!

Theme song: Do jumping jacks until it's over

Every time Chandler makes a joke: 20 crunches

Every time Joey does something stupid: 25 squats

Every time someone goes on a date: 10 push ups

Every time Phoebe sings: 1 minute wall sit

When everyone is at Central Perk: 10 burpees

If Monica cleans or cooks: 10 lunges per leg

Ross says anything geeky: 20 mountain climbers

Rachel talks about fashion or money: 1 minute plank

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials


Doctor Who

Lately I feel like people have become addicted to this British science fiction TV show! If you haven't gotten into the show yet, they have a few seasons on Netflix for you to start watching. If you find that you're getting addicted, why not add a workout routine to your Doctor Who marathon? That way you can go back in time with the Doctor as well as with your weight!

Theme song: Jump rope until it's over

Every time some says Doctor: 10 jumping jacks

Every time the Doctor says run: 15 squats

Every time someone gets in or out of the Tardis: 20 crunches

Every time you hear the Tardis: 1 minute bicycle

Anyone says their catch phrase: 10 leg lifts

Every time the Doctor sonic's something: 15 Russian twists

Every time the Doctor gets angry: 45 second wall sit

Every time they gain a new companion: 10 burpees

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials



Glee is a great workout TV show because it includes music that will pump you up to dance around! So feel free to do your own exercises during breaks between these ones when the cast is singing a song you love. Embrace your inner Gleek and give this Glee workout a try the next time you're in a singing and dancing mood!

Theme song: Run in place until it's over

Anytime anyone breaks out in song: 15 jumping jacks

Every time Rachel sings: 20 squats

Every time Sue gives someone advice: 5 tricep dips

Every time Rachel doesn't get her way: 10 push ups

Every time Kurt is bullied: 10 leg lifts per leg

Every time a same sex couple has a moment: 1 minute plank

Every time someone kisses: 10 burpees

Every time Finn dances: 20 crunches

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials


How I Met Your Mother

With this show making its way to the final season, it may be good to go back to the beginning and watch some reruns! Plus, I don't know about you, but I never get tired of watching Barney and his crazy antics. Plus, aside from some exercise, you could also take away some valuable life lessons from the show that you didn't realize before. By the way, who else can't wait to find out who the mother is finally!

Theme song: Plank until it's over

Every time Barney says legendary: 10 crunches

Anytime anyone high fives someone: 10 push ups

Every time you hear Ted's narrating: 5 burpees

Every time Barney hits on a girl: 15 jumping jacks

Every time Marshall and Lily kiss: 10 squats

Reference to Canada: 30 sit ups

Every time Robin talks about her job: 10 lunges per leg

When anyone drinks a beer: 10 bicycles

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials


The Big Bang Theory

This is one of those shows that I really need to get caught up with! What better way to catch up with the series than by watching the missed episodes while doing a little workout?

Theme song: Do jumping jacks until it's over

Penny says sweetie: 5 push ups

Every time Sheldon knocks on a door: 20 crunches

Every time Sheldon recites a fact: 30 jump ropes

Every time take out food is shown: 20 leg lifts per leg

Every time Raj whispers: 5 burpees

Anytime Amy makes someone uncomfortable: 5 Russian twists

Anytime someone walks upstairs: 25 knee highs

Bazinga: 1 minute wall sit

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials

These are not meant to be taken as serious workout routines. If you really want to lose weight, make sure to do a steady workout routine rather than sporadic exercises. However, if you were already planning on being on the couch watching your shows, you might as well throw in some exercises! It will always help you to burn some extra calories as well as not feel so bad for hanging out with your TV all day. Do you enjoy working out while watching TV?

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