7 Reasons You Should Eat Blueberries ...


7 Reasons You Should Eat Blueberries ...
7 Reasons You Should Eat Blueberries ...

There are endless health reasons you should eat blueberries, other than the fact that they taste great! Blueberries are a remarkable fruit with one of the highest antioxidant levels and there are loads of other benefits. Blueberries combat the factors that result in metabolic syndrome. This means that blueberries take on insulin resistance, hypertension, obesity, and cholesterol. It is hard to imagine that such a tiny fruit can deliver such astonishing results. These are just a few of the reasons you should eat blueberries.

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Blueberries Help Fight Fat Cells

According to a recent study at the Texas Women’s University (TWU) blueberries fight fat cells. This experiment examined weight loss based on mice receiving blueberries. The mice that ingested the most blueberries had a 73% decrease in lipids and mice on a lower dose had a 27% decrease. The berries have high levels of polyphenols that fought weight gain in mice. The mice that ate the most blueberries had a 73% lesser likelihood of fat storage. This is one of the super reasons you should eat blueberries!


Blueberries Also Reduce Insulin Resistance

The components in blueberries combat raised blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. In recent studies, blueberries blocked carbohydrate metabolism in the intestine by up to a whopping 90% compared with the prescription drug acarbose. That is one great natural motivator to eat some blueberries!


Blueberries Help Increase Your Life Span

In studying longevity benefits of various compounds, scientists often use fruit flies as the test subject for a research model of aging. What the results demonstrated is that fruit flies live 10% longer when fed a regular diet containing ½ cup of blueberries daily. Not only do the fruit flies live longer but they also show a higher level of physical activity. These enhancements arise both from increased tolerance of oxidant stress and from beneficial changes in the way certain important genes are expressed.


Blueberries Help Protect You against Cancer

Blueberries can help protect you against cancer by blocking DNA damage and killing the production of cancer cells. So make sure you add blueberries into your current food plan to be proactive!


Blueberries Help Your Brain Function

The components in blueberries enhance memory and can improve cognition. In a recent study, by adding 1 cup of blueberries daily, subjects noticed enhanced memory and the ability to think more clearly.


Blueberries Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Consuming blueberries can help your blood vessels regulate themselves by contracting or relaxing in response to blood flow. A loss of this control is a marker of atherosclerosis; and not taken care of, it produces undesirable widening of arterial walls and a lower blood flow to vital tissues that ultimately produces a heart attack. So eat some yummy blueberries for a healthy heart!


Blueberries Help You to Avoid Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Recent studies show that the compounds found in blueberries may aid people with pre-diabetes by making the body more responsive to insulin. Make to exercise as well since aerobic activity along with eating blueberries and a healthy diet will help to combat metabolic syndrome and diabetes!

Now that you know all the super benefits of eating this amazing fruit, how will you add blueberries into your daily meal plan? Will you add blueberries to your daily smoothie? Sprinkle them in yoghurt? Or just enjoy them by the handful?

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I hate blueberries, but if it gets me healthier it's worth a shot. A blueberry here and there won't hurt.

Definitely going to eat more blueberries! Thanks for the tips

8. You can pretend you are a Moomin when eating a bowl of yummy blueberries in milk!

I love to be healthy

How much blueberries can I eat in one day to stay fit? I know too much can't be good for you

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