7 Tricks to Consume Fewer Calories when Eating Pizza ...


7 Tricks to Consume Fewer Calories when Eating Pizza ...
7 Tricks to Consume Fewer Calories when Eating Pizza ...

I think we can all agree that pizza is one of the best inventions known to man. Who doesn’t love a greasy, cheesy slice for lunch or dinner? Or a cold leftover piece for breakfast? The sad truth is that pizza is not a health food. It is usually loaded with fat and calories, making it a choice that can wreak havoc on your health. Pizza is also relatively low in nutrition, especially if you load it with cheese and processed meats. Great news! You don’t have to give up pizza, though it shouldn’t be something you eat every day. Use these handy tricks to slash the calories and still get to have your favorite food.

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Opt for the Margherita Style of Pizza

Opt for the Margherita Style of Pizza Traditional margherita pizza is topped with rounds of mozzarella instead of covering the entire pie with shredded cheese. This means you can still savor the taste of the cheese on your slice, but in much smaller portions. Trust me, you won’t feel deprived! Also, the tomatoes and basil on margherita pizza adds fiber and other nutrients to your slice.


Eat Your Pizza with a Knife and Fork

Eat Your Pizza with a Knife and Fork I know – silly, right? However, research finds that people who slice their pizza up and eat it with a fork will consume less overall. This is an easy way to satisfy your hunger and also get to enjoy your favorite pie. True, you might not feel right doing this when you eat out, but try it at home and see if it helps you eat less.


Don’t Let a Thin Crust Make You Feel Too Virtuous

Don’t Let a Thin Crust Make You Feel Too Virtuous When you order a thin crust on your pizza, you know there are fewer calories. However, this can often trick you into thinking you can eat more of the pizza without damage to your diet. This simply isn’t true. Thin crust pizza won’t fill you up as fast as the traditional crust so you are likely to eat more. Go with the regular crust and stick to one or two slices.


Choose Intensely Flavored Toppings

Choose Intensely Flavored Toppings Vegetables are a great choice when it comes to pizza toppings because they are way lower in fat and calories than pepperoni and sausage. However, studies show that if you choose vegetables with a strong flavor, you can satisfy your craving for pizza with just a slice or two. Try onions, green peppers, olives, artichokes or mushrooms on your pie.


Opt for Raw Veggies Too

Opt for Raw Veggies Too According to experts, topping your pizza with raw vegetables lowers the glycemic index of the meal while also saving you some calories when it comes to toppings. Of course, the veggies will soften a bit when the pizza cooks, but starting raw can make your pizza a healthier choice.


Go Heavy on the Sauce

Go Heavy on the Sauce Tomato sauce is rich in antioxidants and is satisfying in terms of your appetite. Ladling on a bit more of the red stuff can help you eat less pizza, saving you tons of calories. Be sure that the sauce you choose isn’t too high in salt or sugar or you could quickly derail your health goals. Aren’t you excited to find that in this case you can order extra sauce, totally guilt free?


Make Your Slice Hot, Hot, Hot

Make Your Slice Hot, Hot, Hot Eating spicy foods can slow you down and help you recognize that you’re full before you’ve downed the entire pizza. Sprinkle yours with crushed red pepper or use spicy toppings to help you eat more slowly and save yourself tons of calories. Additionally, research shows that eating spicy foods can give your metabolism a boost, helping you burn more of the calories in your slice.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Which of these tips will you try next time you get a delivery?

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Ok, so I have a disorder where my body can't absorb too much acid and what they have me do with pizza is to ask for less sauce and to blot the oils on the cheese off. By blogging the oils off, you're consuming less calories and less acid.

Load up on sauce? That's such a bad idea...

Stop promoting calorie restriction because you have to load up on calories. Just like carbs. Even when you want to lose weight. It will be most effective if done right.

Yum now I want pizza

Me three🙋 I crave pizza 🍕simple margarita

I want pizza now too! I'm on my way to the living room to ask my husband to order one right now lol

I will only eat pizza if my husband or I make it. This way I know exactly what goes in it. I measure the oil, use whole wheat crust & load it up with veggies.

Chilli or chilli flakes on pizza makes it super spicy - my fave topping

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