7 Things to do Instead of Counting Calories ...


7 Things to do Instead of Counting Calories ...
7 Things to do Instead of Counting Calories ...

Making the decision to lose weight is a tremendous one and with that is the commitment to change. If you want to lose weight you are obviously going to have to make better food choices and exercise, but does that mean you have to count calories? Counting calories can have you feeling so restricted and sometimes you end up overeating as a result. So stop the calorie counting madness and follow my tips to help you to lose weight and achieve incredible results. As a trainer and nutritionist, I can guide you to reach your slimming and sculpting dreams!

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Exercise is something that everyone should do to better their health and lower stress but if you are trying to lose weight this is an even bigger priority. Exercise can help you to burn calories and boost your metabolism. Let me tell you that you will feel so much better by choosing to find time for your regular workout!


Eat on Smaller Plates

Instead of obsessing over each and every calorie and making yourself crazy, choose to eat on smaller plates. This may seem like a simple choice that will not yield results but believe me this works. By eating on smaller plates, your plate will look full and it will be fewer calories than on a regular-sized dinner plate. This is a simple and ultra-effective way to cut calories without having to count them!


Eat Healthier

It is not always how much you eat but also what you eat. All calories are not equal. The calories in a 100 calorie packet of crackers is far less nutrition that the calories in an apple. Choose the healthier snack to lose weight and even have a surge of energy. You will be glad you chose to eat for your health rather than a craving!


Perform Double Workouts

If you want to surge your metabolism and feel on top of the world, perform a double workout today. It is pretty incredible how choosing to exercise more can actually give you greater energy. And what’s more, double workouts can provide you with metabolic boosting results. So double it up for more incredible results!


Find Healthy Replacements

If ice cream was part of your daily routine and giving this up feels like death sentence, find a healthier replacement. Maybe you can make your own sorbet out of fresh fruit so you are not feeling deprived. There are healthy food replacements for nearly every decadence as long as you are willing to put in the time and energy for preparation. I promise it is totally worth the effort!


Eat Smaller Meals

The simple choice of eating smaller meals throughout the day can help you to fulfill your calorie goals and also prevent you from overeating. And smaller meals is the best way to kick start your metabolism and help you to see incredible weight loss results. So eat small healthy meals to lose weight and live life like a champ!


Get to Bed Earlier

Get to bed sleepy head! I write this as I yawn because I need to get to bed earlier myself this evening. If you are constantly on the go, it is not easy to shut down and get to bed earlier but I promise it is definitely well worth it. Adequate sleep of 7-9 hours per night can help your metabolism to function properly and you will have more energy for your workouts. So close the media and your eyes to get to bed earlier tonight!

So stop counting calories. These tips show you that you can lose weight without being obsessed with calorie counting and you will achieve your goal of looking and feeling your best!

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