6 Things You Need to Achieve Weight Loss ...


6 Things You Need to Achieve Weight Loss ...
6 Things You Need to Achieve Weight Loss ...

If you are looking to start a new fitness journey in 2019, then you have probably been online for a few searches and been completely overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information that is out there! At it’s most basic level, weight loss is simple, burning more calories than you consume, but there are definitely a core set of rules you need to follow in order to have the most success. Here are six things you need to achieve weight loss. Have them and you will drop the pounds in no time!

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Calorie Deficit

Like I said in the intro, this is the fundamental first step of weight loss. It’s all about eating fewer calories than you burn in a day, therefore creating a deficit that results in using up the fat you have stored in your body. You can go to the gym seven times a week, but that isn’t going to make a difference if you are eating pizza and fried chicken every day.



You need to be consuming lots of nutrient-dense food, especially food that contains a high level of protein. Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer, so the more you eat, the less likely you are going to be to need to snack on unhealthy items outside of meal times throughout the day.


5 Hours

You should aim for at least five hours of cardio every week. This doesn’t mean going on a mammoth hours long run on a Monday and then forgetting about it. It can mean breaking it up into smaller, half hour sections where you can do things like cycle, power walk etc.


Strength Training

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that doing weights is going to make you big and bulky; that only happens if you want it to! Strength training is the perfect way to lose inches from your body and burn calories at a faster rate. It’s also super addictive once you get the hang of it!



Good weight loss is about more than just eating the right foods, it is also about getting the right amount of sleep! The more regularly you can get those eight recommended hours, the better, because your body’s blood sugar levels will stay appropriate and your metabolism will keep on track.


Lifestyle Change

Don’t just think about your weight loss as a temporary thing that you can switch off and go back to your old ways when you reach your goal weight. You need to consider your new regime as a complete lifestyle change, one to maintain, so make sure that you are doing sensible things that you are going to be able to continue doing forever.

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