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15 Tips for Losing Weight when You Work from Home ...

By Lydia

There are dozens and dozens of positives and benefits of being able to work from home: you can pick your own hours; you don’t have to get up early to commute; and, you are surrounded by creature comforts. However, the one main drawback of working from your house is that you don’t have the opportunity to be as active as those who are out and about every day. This can be an issue if you are looking to go on a fitness journey! Here are fifteen tips for losing weight when you work from home.

1 Invest in Some Workout Equipment That You Can Use at Home - Little Things like Weights and Even Stationary Bike or Treadmill That You Can Get a Quick 30 Mins in on Your Lunch Break or in the Evening. It’s Not like You Can Pop to the Gym on Your Way Home, Because You Already Are Home!

2 Find Activities That You Genuinely Enjoy Doing at Home, and then Make a Habit out of the Routine That You Settle on. from Yoga to Weights to a Fitness Follow along DVD or YouTube, There Are Plenty of Great at Home Options

3 Make Sure That You Get the Right Amount of Sleep Each Night. Working from Home Can Mess Your Body Clock up, but Fatigue is the Worst Enemy of Fitness Ambitions!

4 Create a Space in Your Home That is Specifically Dedicated to Working out. a Spare Room or Spacious Corner of a Larger Living Area is Perfect

5 Plan Your at Home Workouts around Times That You Personally Feel Most Energized. Working at Home Might Mean That You Have Different Highs and Lows than on-Location Workers

6 Be Mindful of Your Snacking Habits, How Much Your Eat, and What You Are Eating when You Snack. It is Easy to Grab a Handful of This and a Handful of That when You Are at Home, and the Calories Can Add up

7 Don’t Skimp on Cardio Just Because You Don’t Have Much Room to Move about at Home. like I Suggested above, a Treadmill or Exercise Bike is the Perfect Solution

8 Make Sure That You Drink the Recommended Amount of Water Every Day. Eight Glasses is the Target, and You Have No Excuse with Unlimited Water Access at Home

9 Sign up to at Least One out of Home Gym Class in the Evenings, and the Thought of This Will Motivate You to Keep Fit during the Week so You Don’t Show Yourself up in Front of Your Gym Mates!

10 Don’t Forget about the Little Things like Stretching and Warming down after You Have Worked out at Home. It Isn’t Recommended to Just Head Straight Back to the Couch

11 Whenever You Have the Opportunity to Walk Somewhere, Always Take That Option. You Need to Make up for the Lack of Activity You do during Your Home Work Hours

12 Set Yourself up at Home as Far Away from the Kitchen as Possible. You Will Be Less Tempted to Pop in and Snack All the Time!

13 Get Dressed for Work, Just the Same Way as if You Were Going out to a Job. This Makes You Feel More Productive and Gives You the Opportunity to Go out when You Get the Chance

14 Work on Practicing Mindful Eating, Getting up, and Having Your Meals Away from Your Work Desk, and Not Doing Work Whilst You Eat

15 Stay Away from Foods High in Sugar and Fat, Because Not Only Are They Calorific, They Are Also the opposite of Positive Brain Food for Your Work!

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