5 Mindless Habits to Encourage Weight Loss ...


5 Mindless Habits to Encourage Weight Loss ...
5 Mindless Habits to Encourage Weight Loss ...

When you think about going on a weight loss journey, it can often feel like nothing in your life will ever be mindless again. It feels like every single thing you do and every single decision that you make is going to be pre-planned with your end goal in mind, but it doesn’t all have to be so regimented. The more things you can start doing by second nature, the easier your life will be. Here are five mindless habits to encourage weight loss so you can burn a few extra calories.

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Set a Move Reminder

If you have a job that requires you to do a lot of sitting at a desk, then set an hourly reminder alarm on your phone that tells you to get up and take a few laps. Just adding this small extra bit of activity during the day can make a big difference when you add up all the steps weekly or monthly. The extra laps can also help to keep your joints and muscles in better shape.


Multiple Grocery Bag Trips

When you get home from the supermarket, don’t try to be that hero who carries all fifteen of your bags to the kitchen in one trip. Instead, make the trip one bag at a time. It’s small things like this that can add a lot of activity and motion to your regular routine. Of course, it always helps if the food in the bags is all healthy as well!


Furthest Restroom

When you are at home, work, or somewhere at a social event, get into the habit of always going to use the restroom that is furthest away from your current location. You are still completing your objective of using the bathroom, but by using the furthest away one, you are also getting a few extra steps in for the day as well.


Park Far Away

Whenever you have to drive somewhere, put some more motion in to your legs by parking at the furthest away space in the car park, or a couple of streets down from your target building. It never hurts to add a few hundred extra meters to your daily walking distances.


Drink Water

Get in to the habit of drinking a glass of water before you sit down for every meal. Doing so not only helps to keep you hydrated, but it will result in your feeling fuller much earlier in on the meal, and therefore not feeling compelled to eat as much.

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