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The Drink You Need to Lose Belly Fat and Stay Fit when Exercise Isn't an Option ...

By Leiann

OK... Are you capable of exercise but want to cheat a little bit or are you honestly unable to exercise? Either way, learn how to make a drink to lose belly fat and stay fit!

Now, I do not think that this drink is going to be the best taste-wise, but the drink should serve the purpose... eliminating belly fat.

Some ingredients may be hard to find. But the recipe does call for cucumber, grated ginger root, fresh lemon, fresh mint leaves, dried mint leaves, and of course, water.

Blend. Leave in the fridge overnight.

Have a drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Up to 5 drinks each day.

You should see the results a few weeks after beginning.

I hope this video is to your liking and good luck!

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