How Retail Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight ...


How Retail Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight ...
How Retail Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight ...

When you are on a weight loss journey, you are probably willing and motivated to do anything and everything that might be able to help with the process. You’ve got your diet in order, you’ve got your workout regime in order, you even find time to make sure that you indulge in rewarding self-care exercises like massages and bubble baths to ease your mind and body, but what about shopping!? That’s right, shopping can help too! Here is how retail therapy can also help you to lose weight.

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Hit the Shops

Shopping in real life rather than online means that you are racking up steps rather than clicks. A proper window shopping session at the mall can have you up and active and walking for a few miles before you even realise you are getting a cardio workout!



When you are in a store, get in to the habit of circling the perimeter of the shop before you head to the sections that you want. Every little step helps to add some activity and exercise to your day.



Start in the denim department of a clothes store and then go on to explore everywhere else, draping a couple of heavy pairs of jeans over your arms. It adds a mini weight lifting factor to the rest of your browsing!


Collect Another Size

When you are in the dressing room and you want to try on another size of the same item, take it upon yourself to go out and collect it rather than sending a shop assistant out to get it for you. All those steps add up to burning calories!


Park Far Away

When driving to the mall, make sure to park in the furthest away space so that you have to go on a little walk to get to the stores.



Carry your coat around as you shop, rather than leaving it in the car. The extra weight can make a slight difference when you are walking around and getting your step count up.


Power Walk

Treat your shopping trip like a personal race and power walk from store to store. Of course, take your time when you are actually in the shops browsing, but when you are going from one to the other, pick the pace up and make a little difference to your cardio.

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