A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Weight Loss ...

If you have read the title of this article and clicked through to read it, then congratulations, that must mean that you are looking to go on a fitness journey, and to do it in a sensible, healthy fashion! There are so many dangerous fads and trends when it comes to dieting and exercise that people can often get themselves into trouble because they aren’t educated enough. To start you off on the right foot and ensure that you continue to make good choices throughout your journey, here is a beginner’s guide to healthy weight loss.

1. Three Meals/Two Snacks

A great place to start is to establish a routine of eating three healthy meals, complemented with two nutritious snack breaks across the course of the day. Skipping meals can wreak havoc on your metabolism, and it’s important to keep fuelled up and energised between lunch and dinner with handful of dried fruit or nuts etc. Keep that metabolism nice and fast and regular.