This is How to Burn More Calories While You Sleep ...


This is How to Burn More Calories While You Sleep ...
This is How to Burn More Calories While You Sleep ...

Your body goes into restorative and repair mode when you sleep. Your metabolism doesn’t shut down; it just gets slower. But you can make food choices and tweak your routine to give it a nighttime boost so that your body can burn calories while you sleep.

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Eat Lots of Food That Contain Tryptophan

, Tryptophan is an amino acid that is found in lots of different meats that can contribute to giving you feelings of tiredness. The better night’s sleep you have, the more calories you are likely to burn.


Time Your Tea Break Perfectly

vision care, nose, mouth, glasses, personal protective equipment, Not only do teas like chamomile or peppermint give a similar feeling of unwinding that could lead to tiredness, they also have appetite suppressing qualities that will help with weight loss.


Eat Whole Grains for Lunch

person, profession, Why, don't, you, It is generally believed that is it a much better idea to eat your complex carbohydrate meals at lunchtime rather than before bed. You don’t want to have to be digesting carbs whilst you are sleeping.


Stick to Smaller Snacks at Night

animal, pet, vertebrate, bird, parakeet, If you absolutely have to eat in the late evening, then stick to smaller snacks. The more food you eat late, the harder your body has to work while you are in bed to digest it, and this will lead to more interrupted sleep.


Set Strict Kitchen Hours for Yourself

military, soldier, army, eeena, Decide to be the boss of your own weight loss journey and set strict eating hours for your day, for example, 7am to 7pm and absolutely nothing after that. And no eating after midnight cos you know what happens!


Get into Protein Shakes

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, It has been proven that drinking a protein shake shortly before going to bed can boost your metabolism to work in overdrive as you sleep. A simple way to burn more calories!


Smell Peppermint to Suppress Appetite

person, emotion, Your, face, smells, It has been proven that while some smells make you salivate, others actually suppress your appetite, and peppermint is one of them. Perhaps burn some peppermint candles in your bedroom during the evening.


Keep Your Home at a Colder Temperature

person, blond, facial expression, human action, singing, Scientists have discovered that living in a colder environment forces your body to burn more fat in order to stay warm. You could also sleep under a thinner cover.


Stop Using Any Kind of Night Light

cartoon, sculpture, comics, When you burn most calories in a deep sleep, you should be making an effort to make your bedroom as dark and interruption free as possible; no more night lights!


Ban Tech Devices from the Bedroom

furniture, room, couch, pilates, leisure, Too much stimulation with smartphones or tablets before you go to sleep is really detrimental to quality of rest that you have, and the more restless you are, the fewer calories you will burn.


Ditch the Late Night TV Shows

supernatural creature, darkness, mobile device, major appliance, television, In a similar way, watching TV too late into the night will have an effect on how easily and peacefully you will be able to get to sleep.


Invest in Some Good Quality Blackout Shades

doll, painting, portrait, toy, mobile device, The best way to ensure total peaceful, calorie burning rest is to block out the sunlight with a set of really high quality blackout shades. You will be dead to the world!


Take a Hot Shower in the Evening

barechestedness, person, man, muscle, male, Taking a nice hot shower before you go to bed is great for helping you to get a good night’s sleep, as it relaxes all of your muscles and relieves a lot of the day’s tensions. Gratuitous hot body! You're welcome.


Paint Your Room Blue for Maximum Results!

cartoon, sketch, illustration, 日, According to experts, the color blue can reduce your blood pressure and slow your heart rate, creating the perfect atmosphere for a beneficial calorie burning night’s sleep.


Don’t Work out Too Late in the Day

person, Working, out?, Friggin, nightmare!, Whilst regular exercise definitely does help with good sleep, working out too close to your bedtime will have the opposite effect, with the endorphins keeping you awake far longer.


Invest in a Really Good Pillow

cartoon, anime, Arguably the key to all good sleep is finding the right pillow. If you want to burn as many calories as possible by sleeping as well as you can, then it’s time to splash the cash on something really special! And make it silk and your hair will thank you too.


Get Jiggy with It More Often!

person, kiss, human action, black and white, woman, It’s not just fun, it’s science! People who have sex more often in the evening tend to sleep better, which in turn means that the calories they burned while doing it will be further enhanced by the good rest!

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@Destiny Kiara Dempsey green keeps your mind active and blue relaxes you

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