50 Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise ...


50 Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise ...
50 Ways to Lose Weight without Exercise ...

Here’s the thing, we all know that exercise is the best and most overall effective way to drop those extra pounds, but that doesn’t mean that your efforts have to begin and end in the gym. Here are fifty, yes, 50 ways to lose weight without exercise!

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When You Are Snacking, Keep the Wrappers, Shells, Bones, Etc., out so You Can See Them, and You Will Get Self Conscious about the Amount and Hopefully Refrain


Hang out with Friends More Often so That You Are Occupied by Other Activities Rather then Eating


Don’t Eat Dinner in Half Light or Candle Light, Because Studies Have Shown That You Tend to Eat More


Change ‘I Have to’ to ‘I Want to’, and Every Aspect of Your Weight Loss Journey Will Become More Amenable


Don’t Portion Your Own Plates. Have Someone else do It for You and You Will Eat up Eating Less


Switch out Diet Drinks for Straight Water, Because They Still Have Unhealthy Sweeteners in Them


Dab a Little Vanilla Scent on Your Wrists. It Will Give You Something to Savour Instead of Indulging Your Sweet Cravings


Make Sure to Eat Your Dinner at a Table in the Dining Room, Because Couch Eating Promotes Pigging out


Eat Lunch with Other People at Work Rather than at Your Desk. People Tend to Consume Less in Front of Others


Tidy up Your Kitchen. when It is Clean You Are Much More Likely to Cook Healthy Food Rather than Ordering in


Avoid Pollution as Much as Possible, like Smoke Filled Bars and Heavily Fumed Urban Areas


Go on a Vacation in the Mountains, Because Hiking Doesn’t Feel like Exercise when You Are Having a Good Time


Drink Lots and Lots of Water, Because Staying Hydrated Can Often Cure Fake Feelings of Hunger than Are Actually Thirst


Turn down the Thermostat in Your Home Colder Temperatures Result in a Higher Metabolism


Buy Some Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom. the Deeper You Sleep, the Less Hungry You Tend to Be in the Morning


Get in a Good Routine of Taking Multivitamins to Start Your Overall Health on an Upward Turn


Eat a Serving of Beans Every Day. They Are the Perfect Combination of Fibre and Protein


Don’t Rely Too Heavily on Antibiotics; Only Take Them when You Are Really Need Them


Swap Your Larger Dinner Plates for Smaller Salad Plates in Order to Control Your Portion Sizes


Get a Dog! Studies Have Shown That a Person Becomes Much More Active when They Have a Canine Friend to Care for


Use Chopsticks to Eat Your Meal, Because Slowing down Your Eating Rate Means That You Won’t Feel the Need for Seconds


Try to Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables as Often as You Can Afford


Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Those Who Get Seven plus Hours Can Burn as Much as 500 Extra Calories per Day


Make the Effort to Wear More Form Fitting Clothing That is Less Forgiving than Sweats. It Will Motivate You to Get in Shape


Don’t Only Look at Calorie Counts on Products but Also at the List of Additives That They Contain


Get out in the Great Outdoors and Learn to Love Nature. the More You Are Outdoors, the More Calories You Are Burning


Get in to Practising Yoga to Take Your Mind off Things Rather than Heading for a Snack Instead


Never Go to a Buffet Restaurant. Instead Always Pick a Place with a Defined, Portion Controlled Menu


Wear a Ribbon around Your Waist when You Go out. if You Start to Feel It Tightening, It’s Time to Stop Eating!


Pay Attention to Your Food and Look at It as You Eat. the More Distracted You Are, the More You Will Consume


Apparently, Starting Your Morning with as Much Exposure to Sunlight as Possible Has Had the Effect of Reducing Appetite for the Rest of the Day


It is Okay to Have One Glass of Red Wine Every Now and then, as It is Said to Be Able to Boost Your Metabolism


Weigh Yourself at the Same Time Every Week. It is a Way to Keep You on Track and Not Get Carried Away with Indulgence


Try to Eat Your Dinner Earlier in the Evening, as Digesting Food when Asleep is a Real Metabolism Killer


Eat an Apple a Day! It Will Keep the Extra Pounds Away!


Talking about Your Favourite Meals with Fellow Foodies. It’s Been Proven That Discussing Your Last Meal in Depth Leads to Eating Less at Your Next


Don’t Regard Any Foods as Naughty or off Limits, Because It is Human Nature to Want Them More Once They Are Considered Forbidden


Swap Food for Sex! up Your Activity in the Bedroom Rather than in the Kitchen!


Apparently, if Your Plates Match Your Table Cloth, You Are More Likely to Put Less Food on Your Plate


Make Sure to Socialise at Events and Keep Yourself Busy with People Rather than Standing by the Food Table


Don’t Be so Dependent on Low Fat Alternatives, Because They Often Make up for That in Other Unhealthy Areas like Sugar


Vary the Colours in Your Meal. for Example, Red Spaghetti Sauce on a Red Plate Encourages You to Eat Much More than You Usually Would


Eat Breakfast Every Single Day. It is the Only Way to Give Your Body the Fuel to Make It through the Morning without Snacking


Eat in Silence. It Forces You to Pay More Attention to What You Are Putting in Your Mouth


Drink Lots and Lots of Water to Help Suppress Your Appetite


Cook at Home Rather than Eating out and Ordering in


Keep a Food Diary. It Helps to Physically See How Much You Are Eating, and Recognising Areas That You Can Cut Back on


Sit as Far Away from the Office Treats Bowl as Possible!


Get into Practising Mindfulness. It Can Be a Really Helpful Tool for Focusing on Weight Loss


Take Probiotic Supplements to Ensure That Your Gut is Working as Best as It Can

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