10 Ways to Measure Weight Loss without a Scale ...


10 Ways to Measure Weight Loss without a Scale ...
10 Ways to Measure Weight Loss without a Scale ...

When you think of ways to track weight loss, standing on a scale at the end of every dieting week seems like the most straightforward and effective thing to do, right? Well, that might work for some people, but for others, stepping on the scale can be a really daunting task, and in truth, they can’t always display the more nuanced ways that you might be succeeding in your fitness goals. Here are ten ways to measure weight loss without a scale!

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Progress Pics

The scale doesn’t always tell you the full story; for example you could be burning fat but gaining muscle at the same time. Use progress pics instead for a visual representation of just how well you are doing.


Old Jeans

Dig out an old pair of jeans that you used to wear when you were at your ideal size, and use these as a milestone rather than getting on the scales every day. When you can feel yourself getting closer to them fitting, then you know you’re doing well!


Tape Measure

Sometimes losing inches is more important than losing weight. Your body might be toning up into a better shape, and you can get a better picture of this by getting out the tape measure and counting up the notches.


Body Fat Test at Home

You could try out at at home body fat test, which can give you a more interesting and accurate reading if your body fat percentage as opposed to just your overall weight.


Professional Body Fat Test

Alternatively, you can take things one step further and head out to get your body fat percentage worked out professionally. It will be more accurate than the at home testing methods, and can be a really effective way to track your progress.


Fitness Tracker

Rather than relying on the scales, get an all-purpose fitness tracker device that can measure things like calories, activity levels, food intake, and heart rate. If all of your stats on the tracker keep improving, then will know that you are losing weight.


30 Day Challenge

Instead of stepping on the scales every day to track tiny loss or gain, commit to doing a 30 day challenge where you do nothing else but work on your exercises and your diet. Eliminate the distraction of the scales by keeping super busy!


Clearer Skin

You can also track your progress by the state of your skin. If you start to notice improvements, then you can be sure that your body is getting healthier overall.


Joint Pain

The less joint pain you are experiencing, the more weight you are losing. This is a result of body weight dropping off and putting less strain on your joints in general.


Assess Energy Levels

Excess weight literally weighs you down, so if you notice that you energy levels are suddenly on the up, then that is probably because you are dropping pounds and giving your body a break.

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