Perfect Tips on How to Walk off Belly Fat ...


Perfect Tips on How to Walk off Belly Fat ...
Perfect Tips on How to Walk off Belly Fat ...

When it comes to exercising, there’s no doubting that there are certain techniques and activities that some people just cannot do. You might not be flexible enough to enjoy yoga, you might not yet be fit enough to be able to do heavy cardio, or you might not have quite enough self confidence to be able to go swimming. One thing, though, that the vast majority of us can do, is walk. Walking might not seem like an intense enough exercise to make a difference, but there are certainly ways that it can be used as part of a regular fitness routine. Here is how to walk off belly fat that you are determined to get rid of!

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Short Term and Long Term Goals

Get into the swing of things by setting short-term goals for yourself that turn in to long-term goals without adding too much pressure. For example, setting a target to walk 10,000 steps every day turns into a long-term goal of walking around 300,000 steps per month, but that bigger number sounds super daunting on its own! Breaking things down into smaller goals can make them seem and feel much more achievable.


Audio Accompaniment

Walking on your own can be kind of boring, but not if you have great sounds to keep you company. There is music to keep you motivated, podcasts to entertain you as you go, and even audiobooks that can help you forget the time and just walk and walk as each new chapter engrosses you. Also, you could spend your walking time on the phone to a friend having a good old-fashioned catch-up!


Track Progress

Use a fitness tracking bracelet or an app on your phone to record all of the details of your walking efforts, because seeing your progress on a screen in all its glory will help to keep you motivated and spur you on to keep breaking your own records and meeting new targets.



We all have ambitions about getting out there and hitting the walking paths, but hardly any of us actually go through with it! It’s time to be proactive and do less dreaming, more doing! Whenever you think to yourself, I could be out on a walk right now, just grab your footwear and get going!



It’s really important to stay hydrated when you are out walking, so make sure to carry a water bottle along with you that you can keep sipping on at regular intervals. Walking is exercise, and when you are exercising you should ideally be drinking a least 0.3 of an ounce for every pound that you weigh.



Once you are comfortable with your walking regime, start to up the pace and turn things into a more speedy power walk. You’ll be impressed by how much you can make your blood pump just by upping your stride rate a little!

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