Key Numbers in Your Weight Loss Journey ...


Key Numbers in Your Weight Loss Journey ...
Key Numbers in Your Weight Loss Journey ...

If you are someone who has recently decided to go on a weight journey, then you are probably in that stage of being completely overwhelmed by all of the different figures and details that having a full diet and exercise regime entails! You will probably hear lots of different things from lots of different people, but I happen to think that a lot of the information that comes out of losing weight is secondary and not vital. Here are the key numbers in your weight loss journey.

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Screen Time

Make sure that your screen time numbers are as low as they can be. The more screen time you clock in indicates the more sedentary your lifestyle. Not only does screen time allude to the fact that you are sitting around at home, but it also poses the risk of messing with your sleep cycle and ruining your energy levels.


Standing Time

Tally up how much time during the day you actually spend standing. Too much sitting down can severely slow your metabolism, so the more you can stand during the day, the faster you are going to burn calories.


Heart Rate

Your resting heartbeat should be anything between 60 and 100 beats per minute, and when you are working out you will get the most benefit if you can keep it elevated about that for as long as possible.


Water Intake

No matter how much water you think you are drinking, it is most probably less than that. Keeping tabs on your water intake is essential for things like keeping your metabolism nice and fast and suppressing your appetite to reduce temptation to snack.

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