10 Natural Ways to Lose Belly Fat ...

By Lydia

10 Natural Ways to Lose Belly Fat ...

When you do an online search for losing belly fat, its an unfortunate fact that a lot of the top results that come up are companies trying to sell you chemical tablets and pills that promise to burn your excess away with no side effects. Don’t fall for these kinds of gimmicks. You don’t want to involve yourself with those kinds of fat burning methods. Anyway, why would you even consider doing that when there are plenty of more sensible directions to go in anyway? Here are ten natural ways to lose belly fat.

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1 Drink More Water

This is the easiest habit to take up! Not only does staying hydrated keep your metabolism high, but it can also prevent hunger cravings. Did you know that most people actually mistake thirst for hunger in the first place?

2 Total Body Change

Don’t follow those fad tips that teach you to focus only on your stomach. If you commit to getting healthy and losing fat in all areas of your body, then it will come away from your belly along with everywhere else.

3 Good Sleep

Make sure to get regular sleep every single night. Enjoying a good sleeping pattern is essential for fat burning because it allows your body to regain enough energy to really help you be active in the daytime.


Get into high intensity interval training, which is periods of intensive exercise in short bursts. This type of activity has been proven to be much better for fat burning than other more moderate, drawn out types of exercise.

5 Vitamins

It might be worth going to your doctor to test whether you have any vitamin deficiencies. You need a full range of vitamins in order to be able to effectively burn fat, so once you know where your areas are low, you can work to adjust that for better results.

6 Healthy Fats

It’s not about avoiding all fats; it’s about avoiding BAD fats. The body actually needs good fats in order to be able to function properly. So avoid junk food and greasy takeout, and add things like avocado, salmon, and eggs to your diet.

7 Get out of the House

Nobody in the world ever lost belly fat from sitting on the couch watching the TV. It is up to you to get out of the house and just be more active on a day to day basis. Go for walks, go swimming, take the stairs rather than an escalator ...all of these things add up.

8 Cut Alcohol

Cut back on your alcohol consumption. Did you know that alcohol is the biggest culprit when it comes to hidden calories? There is no use following a strict food diet and then drinking three glasses of red wine every night.

9 Herbal Tea

Herbals teas are wonderful for boosting your metabolism and aiding in fat burning. Green tea in particular can really help with things like weight loss and appetite supressing.

10 Don’t Give up

You aren’t going to see instant results overnight, losing stubborn belly fat is a process that takes time and commitment, so try to have the bigger picture in mind rather than instant gratification.

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