5 Best Detox Drinks to Lose Weight ...


5 Best Detox Drinks to Lose Weight ...
5 Best Detox Drinks to Lose Weight ...

If you are setting out on your own weight loss journey, then you will probably have heard from lots of different people that detoxing is the way to go. Of course, you need to do your requisite amounts of diet and exercise too, but there is no doubting that a good detox can be something that really gets the ball rolling and kicks things off effectively. There is no doubt that the best detox drink to lose weight is water. No regime will ever work if you don’t drink sufficient water. Besides water here are the best detox drinks to lose weight.

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Cucumber Water

All you need for this one is a few slices of raw cucumber, a lemon wedge and some nice cold water. Cucumber acts as a diuretic for your body which flushes out lots of toxic carrying moisture that might be hanging around, and the citric acid adds fat burning enzymes as well as boosting your metabolism.


Green Tea

Not only is green tea delicious, but it is a wonderful boost for your metabolism, helping your digestion to run smoothly. If you don’t like the idea of drinking it, you can still receive all of its benefits in capsule form. The flavonoids and caffeine help to elevate levels of fat oxidation in your body.


Beet Juice

You can consume the juice of beets simply as you eat them, or you can go one step further and make them in to a smoothie. Beet juice helps you to lose weight and detox thanks to its strong magnesium content which is a real testosterone booster: the more testosterone you have, the more calories you burn!


Cranberry Juice

It’s not just good for fending off those pesky UTIs! Cranberry juice is one of the cleanest feeling beverages you can consume, and doing so can help to dissolve fatty deposits thanks to the fatty acids in the juice. Daily cranberry juice consumption can lead to a lower body mass index.


Apple Cinnamon Water

Apple and cinnamon go hand in hand not just for flavour but for health as well! Apples have been proven to have an appetite surpassing effect, and cinnamon is known for being great at reducing your blood sugar. Together, they make for a tasty and beneficial combination that can really you with your calorie and food restricting diet efforts.

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