Top 3 Healthy Diets for Losing Weight ...


Top 3 Healthy Diets for Losing Weight ...
Top 3 Healthy Diets for Losing Weight ...

Losing weight is one of the single most wanted things in many people’s lives. Women in general are some of the biggest customers in the weight loss industry, and billions are spent every year on quick fix diets and health fads. But at the end of the day we all know, that deep down, these diets fads are called fads for a reason – none of them truly work, are sustainable or the least bit good for our health in anyway. Weight loss is the product of consistent healthy eating, smaller portions, moderate exercise and good lifestyle habits. Here are the top 3 healthy diet plans for weight loss.

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High Protein and Low Carb

Carbs have long been touted the enemy of any healthy diet plan, slapped with a banner for being responsible for making people fat. In fact, carbohydrates are a necessary and integral part of any sustainable eating plan as long as they are in an unprocessed form and promote low GI energy levels throughout the day.

Lean protein like fish, lean meat and pulses are excellent for building muscle and keeping you fuller throughout the day, without spiking blood sugar levels like processed carbs do. It is very important to eat both carbs and lean protein at every meal, especially breakfast. Eggs are a great source of low fat protein to start the day with and if you are going to have toast, stay away from white bread and pick rather wholegrain, rye or health bread.



More and more people who are health conscious are moving towards eating less or no meat at all and meat free Mondays have become the rule rather than the exception. It is no secret that following a vegetarian or vegan diet, if balanced, can be very good for you and has many health benefits including weight loss.

Red meat is high in fat and animal fat is one of the biggest culprits of excess abdominal fat. Excess abdominal fat can be a direct link to casing many health problems such as diabetes. Low in fat and high in vegetable proteins, there are many anti-ageing properties and anti-oxidants packed into a vegetarian diet.

Cutting out all red meat and only eating lean protein such as fish and some chicken over a 28 day period will enable you to lose up to a kg a week if not more. Just make sure that you balance out your protein intake and don’t not eat enough out of all of the food groups and just feast on veggies alone.

Lentils, baked beans, feta, fish like tuna, hake and mackerel, eggs, tofu, peanut butter and nuts are all great sources of natural protein that will boost your weight loss program and provide your body with many of the good fats and minerals your body needs to function on a day to day basis.


The 80/20 Meal Plan

This is probably one of the easiest and most sustainable healthy eating plans to follow right through your weight loss program and maintenance program that you will follow for the rest of your life.

The 80/20 principle is following a balance, healthy, calorie careful eating plan 80% of the time and eating what you want 20% of the time. You will need to be extra careful in monitoring your portion sizes during the 80% time, as that is as important as counting calories.

And you will find over time, that when it comes to the 20% of the time, you won’t favor the high fat, processed carbs that you used to , and eating whatever you want will turn into frozen yogurt and walnuts instead of full fat ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce and fudge topping. Or perhaps a waffle topped with fresh fruit instead of cream and chocolate chips.

Maintaining this kind of eating plan is much more sustainable over time, you may lose the weight slower, but you will keep it off without denying yourself that glass of wine or chocolate bar now and again.

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