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Do These 12 Things to Achieve a Flat Belly by the End of the Day ...

By Glenys

YOkay, you’re right, I know, you can’t from a big round belly to flat belly in a single day, that’s just straight up scientific fact! However, I think we can all agree that exercise and fitness is something that works in small, slow steps in order to achieve a really positive end goal overall, so in terms of getting those killer abs, there are definitely a bunch of little things that you can do on a daily basis to achieve micro results! Here are twelve things to do to get a flat belly by the end of the day and over time, they will make for stunning results!

1 Hot Water and Lemon

This is a miracle beverage when you are looking to keep your weight down and improve your tummy. It revs up your metabolism to burn calories faster and keeps your digestive system running nicely.

2 Gluten Free

Have a go at going gluten-free. You might not even be aware of any slight intolerance that you have that can lead to things like stomach bloating.

3 Pineapple

Replace any usual daytime snack that you have with pineapple. Pineapple is particularly known for being able to break down proteins in the stomach and reduce bloating.

4 Sodium

Keep a careful eye on your sodium intake, as sodium in things like processed foods is one of the leading causes of bloating.

5 Eat Slower

Make the effort to eat your meals in a much slower fashion, both to avoid bloating and to allow your stomach time to tell you it is full before you overeat.

6 Avoid Gum

Kick a chewing gum habit if you have it, because the act of chewing it and consuming excess air can lead to bloating.

7 Avoid Soda

Avoid soda and fizzy drinks at all costs, because the are the number one culprit for causing trapped gas and bloating! Stick to water instead.

8 Fibre

Add more fibre to your diet because fibre does the job of making sure your digestive system works as it should do, and the better it works, the less likely you will be to feel bloated or constipated.

9 Portion Sizes

Something simple you can do is work on controlling your portion sizes. The less you eat, the less your stomach has to work.

10 Avoid Booze

Alcohol is known for causing digestion issues as a result of the carbonation of things like beer and the high sugar content. Avoid it is you want to stay as flat as possible.

11 Peppermint Tea

This is another great beverage for aiding digestion, and it encourages food to pass through the stomach quickly.

12 Skip Dessert

Make the sacrifice to skip on dessert because of all of the things about sugar that have already been mentioned! It’s a great choice to make if you want to maintain that flat tummy.

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