7 Belly Fat Blasters That Really Work ...


7 Belly Fat Blasters That Really Work ...
7 Belly Fat Blasters That Really Work ...

Here’s the thing about exercising and working out in general, you only want to do things that you know for sure are going to get you good, fast and long lasting results! There is so much differing information on the internet relating to the sought after concept of burning belly fat, that it can sometimes be hard to decide what is good advice and what is simply fake news. When it comes to getting those dream abs, you need to be doing the right things, that’s for sure! Here are seven belly fat blasters that work.

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If your taste buds can handle it, add lots of spice to your diet! It has been proven that the chemical breakdown in chili peppers and spicy food can provide an all-important boost to your metabolism. And as you should know by now, the faster your metabolism is, the more efficiently you burn calories and in turn burn fat!



Catechin is an antioxidant that can have a really positive effect on halting your fat cells and stopping them from multiplying, and the easiest way by far to add more catechin in to your system is by drinking one or more cups of green tea every single day. Green tea is basically a miracle food when it comes to weight loss and health!


Acacia Powder

If hunger and cravings is something that you really struggle with when dieting and working out, then acacia powder could just be your new best friend. You can get it in the form of a capsule pill or you can sprinkle it over your normal meals. It will have the effect of filling you up so that you end up eating less; just make sure to drink a big glass of water along with it!



Not only are pickles delicious, but they can also have a healthy impact on your digestive system. They are packed full of probiotics which prevent things like bloating and inflammation, which means that you will be at less risk of getting bloated and keeping a nice flat tummy!


Red Wine

Sure, drinking a bottle of wine every night isn’t going to be beneficial, but everything in moderation! A glass of red wine every now and then has been proven to be able to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and the less stressed you are, the less inflammation there is in your body and the less you will feel the urge to comfort eat.


Wet Foods

When you are dehydrated your body hangs on to water in all of the wrong places, so eating wet foods like water-based fruits and vegetables is an easy way to add hydration to avoid bloating.



In terms of what the best kind of exercise is for getting a flat tummy, you can’t do much better than high intensity interval training. The short, bursting nature of HIIT gets your metabolism working the hardest and your muscles burning the most!

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