6 Scientific Ways to Lose Belly Fat ...


6 Scientific Ways to Lose Belly Fat ...
6 Scientific Ways to Lose Belly Fat ...

When it comes to getting in shape, there are methods that are recommended by random people on the internet, and then there are the methods that are recommended by scientists and professionals. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go for the tried and tested knowledge of the professionals every single time! Losing weight and sculpting your body is an important process that deserves to be done correctly, so here are six scientific ways to lose belly fat.

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No Sugar and Sweetened Drinks

The most obvious place to start is with the elimination of sugar from your diet. When you consume a lot of sugar, your liver gets overloaded and is unable to metabolise it, which means that a lot of it is forced to be turned into fat. If you want to see your belly decreasing in size, the most important thing to do is cut out those sugars that are causing the problem to begin with.


More Protein

Eating more protein than you do right now is a good long-term strategy for reducing belly fat. Protein is regarded as being the most important macronutrient for losing weight, and it leaves you feeling much fuller for longer which in turn stops you from overeating and putting too many calories in your body.


Cut Carbs

Carbohydrate restriction is a super effective way to lose fat quickly. When people cut out carbs, they find that their appetites go down which obviously leads to less overall eating. There has been interesting research of late to show that low carb diets are specifically appropriate for people who want to target their belly fat.



You should be looking to increase your daily intake of fibre, especially viscous fibre. Viscous fibres are the kind that bind water and form a gel in your stomach, helping you to feel fuller for longer and therefore reducing your need to snack and overeat. Fourteen extra grams of fibre a day can reduce your calorie intake by about 10%



This isn’t rocket science, guys! You can’t expect to shrink your belly unless you put in the hard work in terms of psychical activity. Don’t make the mistake of only concentrating on exercises that you think are good for the stomach area like sit-ups, instead go about adopting a whole body routine that will increase your overall metabolism and encourage much better long-term results.


Food Journal

It is a good idea to keep a food journal in which you honestly record every single thing that you eat over the course of a week. Looking back at this and seeing the areas where you perhaps went overboard can give you a good base for adjusting your diet to be more conducive to belly fat loss. You would be surprised by how much you eat and drink per day without even realising it.

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