Look Here for Ways to Lose Weight before Christmas ...

Lydia Jane

Look Here for Ways to Lose Weight before Christmas ...

Admit it, it’s the middle of December already and you still haven’t started that pre-Christmas fitness journey that you promised yourself you would complete! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and you also haven’t run out of options just yet! Here is how you can lose weight before Christmas by burning an extra 350 calories per day!

1 Fidget

Did you know that doing tiny little things like foot tapping, leg shaking, and moving around the house more than usual can add to up as many as 350 extra burned calories per day? All the small movements that add to being a general fidget might seem annoying to people around you, but by doing them you are adding that tiny little more activity to your body each day!

2 Dance

Whenever you are doing something related to Christmas like food prep, present wrapping, card writing, make sure that you do in a more active way by putting on your favourite tunes and having a solo dance party as you do them! Dancing is one the most fun forms of exercise, so fun in fact that you barely notice you are working out until you are out of breath from losing yourself to the rhythm!

3 Sex

Not that you need an extra excuse to want to have more sex, but burning calories is definitely a good one! Sex has been proven to be able to burn around 300 calories per hour, so if you have a partner who is up to providing that amount of pleasure, then head up to the bedroom to burn off some of the day’s indulgences!

4 Heels

Even if you are doing a bunch of unexciting tasks during the day, if you do them whilst wearing high heels, you are burning more calories than you would be doing otherwise! Walking in heels can burn between 90 and 200 calories in 30 minutes, so just imagine what a couple of hours can do!

5 Stairs

Whenever you are somewhere where there is a choice to take the lift or the stairs, always opt for the stairs. You are still getting to the same place in the end, but you are burning more calories by taking the stairs and therefore adding a little exercise into your normal routine.