3 Ways to Speed up Weight Loss at the Gym ...


3 Ways to Speed up Weight Loss at the Gym ...
3 Ways to Speed up Weight Loss at the Gym ...

When you finally make the commitment of getting a gym membership and make the decision that it is time to lose weight, you need to head into your fitness journey with all of the best knowledge and most sensible advice. The end goal is to lose weight, so it makes sense that you should be armed with some tips and tricks to help you reach your milestones at a quicker rate! Here are three effective ways to speed up weight loss at the gym.

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Increase Intensity

Whatever you are doing at the gym currently, make the effort to increase the intensity in all areas. If you get to a certain level and then stick to the same plan and pace every single day, you are going to hit a plateau that stagnates your progress. In order to keep your body on its toes and continue with your weight loss efforts, you need to up the intensity every time you start to plateau.


Add Weights

If you are just doing cardio right now, that is a great base to form good fitness, but the next stage for even greater weight loss comes in the form of weights. Some people get scared of using weights because they think it is going to turn them in bodybuilders, but that isn’t the case at all. Using weights to keep your heart rate up and your blood pumping will do wonders for your metabolism as well as improving your overall endurance for other work out activities across the board.



Your body responds best when it has some sort of consistency in its exercise. You can’t turn up on Monday and Thursday and just expect to get your dream body. By all means, take a day off in the week and have your weekends to yourself, but four or five days a week is the ideal amount for solid gym work that is going to speed up your weight loss. Once you have hit some sort of milestone you can reassess your schedule, but it is always good to go hard right out of the gate.

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