12 Habits You Need to Form to Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution ...


12 Habits You Need to Form to Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution ...
12 Habits You Need to Form to Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution ...

Let me guess, one of the many resolutions that you made this year is to finally lose that little bit of weight, right? If that’s true, then you are one of many millions all over the world doing the same thing! Whilst New Year’s resolutions tend to be broken a lot, I think that a weight loss goal is one that is too important to let fall away. Here are twelve habits you need to form to achieve your weight loss resolution!

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Limit Fat

First one, nice and simple, just limit any foods in your diet that have a high fat content. I’m talking cake, chocolate, ice cream, potato chips, fries ... unfortunately, pretty much any comfort food that is delicious!


5 Minute Walks

Commit to walking for just five extra minutes per day. Just doing this small amount of extra activity can equate to around 13 pounds of weight loss at the end of the year!


Drink Water

Buy yourself one of those fancy water bottles that has goal markers on the side, it’s a great way to train yourself to drink your recommended amount every single day. Stay hydrated and keep your metabolism high!


Packed Lunch

Always bring a packed lunch to work with you. It is the easiest way to make sure that you are eating something homemade and healthy, rather than whatever is in the nearest shop, work canteen, or vending machine.


Whole Fruits

Skip the fruit juices aisle at the supermarket and commit to eating whole fresh fruits instead. You get an even bigger flavour punch, and you are eliminating all of the unnecessary sugars and additives.


Get More Sleep

Do everything you can to make sure that you get your good eight hours of shut-eye every night. If you aren’t fatigued, then you will make much better food decisions.


Balanced Breakfast

You need to accept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and treat it as such. A nice balanced breakfast of good carbs and proteins will always set you up to have a healthy day with no snacking urges.


Cut down Alcohol

I’m not saying you need to be tea total this year, but it can help to be conscious of the calories in your favourite tipples. Hidden calories in alcohol are the number one cause of ruining otherwise great diets.


Distraction Free Eating

Make the effort not to eat your dinner in front of the TV this year, instead of sitting at a table and really focusing on what you are doing. Mindful eating can help with portion control.


Healthy Snacks

If you do need to snack, make sure that you have healthy options on hand like nuts, fruit, even things like string cheese and peanut butter that still feel like a treat.


Build Muscles

It’s not all about losing fat, it is also about building muscles to strengthen and tone your body. Don’t forget to work on that side of things too.


Stop Obsessing

Try not to completely obsess over your weight loss goals; the more you can forget about it and simply ‘do it’, the faster it will become just another element of your everyday life that you can continue to keep up.

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