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7 Healthy Holiday Tips to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals ...

By Tara

With visions of sugar plums and holiday treats dancing in your head it is time for you to follow my healthy holiday tips for weight loss. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, between the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, people gain between three and seven extra pounds. Although that may not seem like a large weight gain, once this weight is gained most people do not lose it. As your certified trainer I can help you with my healthy holiday tips so that you can reach your weight loss goals!

1 Start Your Day with a Workout

With the sun rising later in the winter due to daylight savings, it is often hard to get motivated to get up out of bed and get going. Get up and push yourself to a wake up workout so you have the payoff of bettered health, more energy, and a better body. I rise early every day because this is usually the only time I can find to dedicate to focus on my personal fitness so do what works with your schedule. This is one of my effective holiday tips that really transforms you.

2 Stock Your Home with Healthy Treats

Ditch the apple pie from your countertop and replace this with some healthy baked apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon you will be sure to love. You will save some calories and your waistline by making the healthier choice. And make sure your home is stocked with plenty of fruit as your healthy treats.

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3 Entertain the Healthy Way

Do you find yourself begging your guests to take the leftover pie home so you can eliminate temptation? Stop feeding your guests all the foods that you do not even want in your home and make skinny changes. If you make dark chocolate covered strawberries you are providing your guests with some antioxidants and you will be guilt free. A fruit salad is always the star of all the dessert platters so why not make this for your next holiday event.

4 Keep a Food Diary

Start keeping a food diary so you can track your food intake. This comes in handy over the holidays when you are cooking. Often when we graze throughout the day we are unaware that all this extra noshing can add up to mega calories. You can track your calories online on or any other online site you choose.

5 Share Your Knowledge with Friends and Family

If your friends and family are asking you how you look so good, share your fitness and health knowledge. If you pay it forward and motivate them, you will better their health and you will feel great. Remember to only share this information to willing individuals because if they are not interested you could get on their nerves which is definitely not a good thing. I never push but I always help those that have open arms and positive energy.

6 Enjoy Your Hot Beverage

Did you know? If you substitute your daily latte, apple cider or hot chocolate for a cup of coffee or tea, it can save between 150 and 500 calories a day. Over the three-month winter period of pre and post-holiday time, that’s a saving of up to 21,000 calories - equivalent to 6 pounds of body fat! Now that is well worth the swap!

7 Catch Plenty of Zzzzzs

According to a Case Western Reserve University study, women who sleep for five or fewer hours a night are 32 percent more likely to gain weight and 15 percent more likely to become obese than women who sleep for seven or more hours. It is believed that lack of sleep may slow metabolism or decrease the calories burned by spontaneous activities such as fidgeting. What better reason could there be to get some extra shut eye this winter? Eeek I better start getting more sleep! Do you get adequate sleep?

I hope my tips will help you avoid holiday weight gain and have a blessed and healthy holiday season. Wishing you good health and cheer for a happy new year! Are you ready to make healthy changes this holiday season?

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