Easy Changes to Your Daily Life to Lose Weight like You're on Autopilot ...


Easy Changes to Your Daily Life to Lose Weight like You're on Autopilot ...
Easy Changes to Your Daily Life to Lose Weight like You're on Autopilot ...

It’s an obvious thing, but if you asked a hundred women what the worst part about losing weight was, I’m sure most of them would say something along the lines of “the having to try hard” part! Weight loss doesn’t come easy, that’s a fact we have to accept, but there are definitely ways of doing things that can seem more natural and habitual, things that can more easily become part of your regular routine. Here are some ways to lose weight on autopilot.

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Replace Grains with Eggs

When it comes to breakfast, something simple that you can do is swap out your grain based breakfasts for egg based breakfasts. Ditch the bagels, and instead take the time to make a simple omelette or scramble. The protein punch will ensure that you don’t feel the need to snack so much for the rest of the day.


Smaller Plates

Your mind is probably used to eating a full plate of food at every meal, and you can still do this,;the trick is just to use smaller plates and bowls! You can still have the visual satisfaction of a full portion, but it will be up to half as much food that you used to eat.


More Protein

Following on from eggs for breakfast, it is a good idea to just add as much protein to your diet as you can. If you can increase your protein to about 30% of your daily food consumption, you can stand to have automatic calorie decrease of about 441 calories per day without even thinking about it.



Fibre is another thing that can help you feel much fuller for much longer, and therefore encourage you to snack and eat less during the day. Even better when this fibre is combined with water in the form of various high water content vegetables.


Cut Carbs

You want to work on cutting out the carbs in your diet that provide very little nutritional value, basically all of the white stuff like white bread, pasta, rice, flour. Easy switches like normal potatoes to sweet potatoes are simple and easy to upkeep.



It’s not all about the food that you eat, it is also about the way that you treat your physical body. Try to get the recommended eight hours of shut eye per night to keep your metabolism steady, and also so that your body doesn’t experience fatigue which can lead to making bad dietary decisions.


Replace Cooking Fats

Stop using things like butter and vegetable oil to cook your foods in, and instead switch to lower calorie, metabolism boosting alternatives like coconut oil. Not only is it lower in calories, but is also had amazing appetite suppressing and fat burning properties.

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