7 Dietitian Approved Tips to Lose Water Weight ...

By Glenys

7 Dietitian Approved Tips to Lose Water Weight ...

If you are someone who always seems to be on some sort of fitness journey, then you will know very well how annoying water weight can be. It isn’t always something that can be addressed with the same kinds of exercises as normal body fat, in fact it is much more about making changes with your diet and lifestyle rather than working out (although that always helps!). Here are seven dietitian tips to lose water weight.

1 Drink Water

I know it seems counter intuitive, but drinking can really help with water weight! Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day helps to flush out all of the excess salt in your bloodstream, and it is usually this excess salt that causes water retention within your body.

2 Avoid Salt

And following on from that, the next tip is obviously to avoid as much salt as you can! Sodium rich foods are one of the most culprits for encouraging water retention in your body, so things like chips, pretzels, TV dinners, charcuterie, and most canned soups are foods that should be avoided.

3 Green Tea

Green tea is something of a miracle food in my opinion! Not only can it help with things like appetite suppression and boosted metabolism, but it also is great for easing the symptoms of bloating. It ensures that you can a good balance of nutrients in your body every single day.

4 Exercise

A golden rule is to try to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise every day. Although one session won’t magically help you to lose weight, working up a sweat regularly can withdraw a lot of that pesky sodium from your body.

5 Walk

Make the effort to get up from your work desk more regularly and move around. Go for walking lunches, walk to work, and from work if it is close enough, anything that you can swap in your daily routine that means you will be on your feet rather than sitting down in a car or standing in a lift.

6 Potassium

Potassium is something that can really help to regulate the fluid balance within your body, and you can get a good dose of it every day through eating things like banana, kiwis, organs, dates, melons, and avocados.

7 Leafy Greens

The massive nutritional value that leafy greens have can really help your body to ‘de-bloat’. Spinach and kale in particular are vegetables that you should be seeking out.

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