Guarantee Effective Weight Loss by Making These Changes to Your Diet ...


Guarantee Effective Weight Loss by Making These Changes to Your Diet ...
Guarantee Effective Weight Loss by Making These Changes to Your Diet ...

Want to lose a few pounds? Ready to slim down and tone up? Getting in shape is often done for looks, but there are many health reasons why you should drop excess weight. Being too heavy increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and many other health issues you’d rather not have to deal with. It’s not easy, but it is possible. There are several tweaks to your diet that help you cut calorie intake so you can shed those pounds. Of course, you’ve also got to exercise, so be sure you’re getting your 30 minutes every day too.

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Take a Weight Loss Supplement

Some people will benefit from taking a weight loss supplement to complement their own efforts. Make sure to choose a supplement that is as natural in its composition as possible - i.e. one without chemicals or synthesized products. ‌ ‌Slimtonus for example, contains nine effective natural ingredients well known for their fat burning properties such as green tea, apple cider vinegar, and caffeine.


Switch to Water

It’s very easy to underestimate calorie intake if you aren’t taking your drinks into account. Unless you’re drinking water or unsweetened tea, your beverages could be driving your calorie count up by hundreds, even thousands every day. Swapping out soda, energy drinks, sports drinks or juice for water can save you those calories. Cocktails are another sneaky way to sabotage your weight loss goals so be careful what you order.


Start with a Salad

The best way to be successful with weight loss is to enjoy the foods you love best; in moderation, of course. If you can’t give up pizza or a juicy steak, start your meal with a hefty salad (easy on the dressing). The veggies will fill you up for very few calories so you can cut your entree in half and save loads of calories. Don’t like salad? A bowl of broth based vegetable soup serves the same purpose.


Eat Every Few Hours

You might be wondering how eating more often can lead to weight loss. The trick is that you aren’t letting yourself get so hungry that you eat everything in sight. Eating a small meal or snack every couple of hours keeps your appetite satisfied and helps you make healthier choices because you aren’t so ravenous that everything sounds good, causing you to binge on hot wings and fries.


Watch Your Protein Intake

Lean protein helps satisfy your hunger and keeps you full until the next meal comes around. Be sure you’re getting a decent amount of protein at every meal. You can get adequate amounts from lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy foods. Try Greek yogurt for breakfast, a handful of almonds on your noontime salad and some salmon for dinner. Easy, right?


Skip the Diet Food

Diet food sounds good in the theory, but the truth is that it they often don’t taste that good, which means you probably aren’t going to eat them. Instead, choose healthy foods that you know you’ll enjoy. Choose your favorite fruits, veggies, grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy foods and you’ll be more likely to want to eat them, contributing to weight loss without feeling deprived. Of course, there’s always room for a treat if you factor the calories into your daily intake.

What are your favorite healthy foods? What other weight loss advice can you share?

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