10 Shortcuts to Lose 10lbs ...


10 Shortcuts to Lose 10lbs ...
10 Shortcuts to Lose 10lbs ...

Have you let yourself go over the course this year? Sometimes, you can add on five or ten extra pounds without even realising that your body has changed in any way at all! Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, ten pounds isn’t the worst thing in the world, but if you have started to feel a little bit sluggish and want to enter in to the new year with a healthier outlook, then perhaps it is time to start doing some work towards dropping that little bit of extra weight - if you're not careful, you'll only pile on more pounds over the holiday season. Here are **10 shortcuts to lose 10 pounds. **

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Make the effort to drink a pint of water before you sit down for every meal. It will fill your stomach up and lead to you eating a lot less before you feel satisfied. With a pint of water in your tummy, you won’t overeat!


Slow Eating

Pay attention to your food during meal times, eating more slowly and chewing many more times than you used to. This will aid digestion and give your stomach time to send the “I’m full” message to your brain!


Lower GI

Aim for as low a glycaemic index as possible in your food choices, which essentially means avoiding all and any processed foods and things like white bread. These kinds of foods fill you up in the moment but leave you hungry soon after.



Try to cut out as many things from your life that cause you unnecessary and avoidable stress. Stress leads to comfort eating, and comfort eating is nearly always unhealthy, so the less of it you feel the need to do, the better!


Unflattering Photo

Find the most unflattering photo of yourself that you can, and stick it to the fridge. Use it as motivation to walk away whenever you head to the fridge to indulge in some sort of unhealthy snack!


Food Journal

Keep a strict and honest food journal of everything that you eat in a week. It will give you a good indicator of the areas that you can work on to improve your overall diet.



Get to know the labels on all of your food products. Just because something is ‘fat-free’, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a bunch of hidden cons to make up for it. Check the labels for the truth!


Burn Calories

Just try to be more active, not just in your working out, but also in your daily life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of driving, that sort of thing!


Portion Control

Think about your normal portions, and then make the effort to eat only a third of that normal portion at each and every meal.



Try to get a good night’s sleep every single night. It reduces stress hormones and allows your body to go through overnight digestion properly. The better you are sleeping, the better your chance of losing weight.

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