10 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss ...


10 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss ...
10 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss ...

Making the decision to go on a weight loss journey, especially when you have realised that your health can no longer be taken for granted, is a really positive and admirable life step to take. The thing is though, that it can seem really scary and daunting when you are only just starting out! Don’t worry, you aren’t the first person to be intimidated by weight loss, and you most definitely won’t be the last! How about some little steps to get you going? Here are ten small changes for big weight loss.

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TV Plank

Normally you just sit around on the couch when you watch TV, so why not make that more beneficial for your body by planking as you watch instead! Not only will it be great for your abs, but the entertainment on the TV will put your mind off of the workout!



Just commit to eating one more piece of fruit than you usually would every single day. That added nutrition can go a long way for your metabolism and overall health.



In a similar fashion, add one extra portion of vegetables to both your lunch and your dinner, and you can even do the same with breakfast if you wanted to make something delicious like a spinach omelette or avocado toast!


Smaller Plate

Our minds don’t like it when we see a half-empty plate, so eliminate this mental problem by using a smaller plate instead and making it look like a fully portioned meal!



Make the effort to take a walk on your lunch break rather than just sitting around at your desk or in the cafeteria. The more active you can be, the better!



Whenever you are greeted with a choice to take the stairs or wait for an elevator, always take the stairs! It’s a simple way to add cardio to your day without actually making extra time for exercise.


Less Wine

You can still enjoy a nice glass of wine at night, but do a similar mind trick to the small plate switch by drinking from a smaller wine glass instead. You would be surprised by the level of hidden calories in wine!



Add some lemon to every glass of water that you drink during the day, because lemon is a brilliant ingredient for speeding up your metabolism and helping to use extra weight.



Don’t allow yourself to get hungry, because these cravings will build up and you will probably break your diet with some fast relief junk food. Instead, graze on healthy snacks likes nuts and fruit throughout the day.



Just drink more water, it’s as simple as that! The more hydrated your body is, the better it will be able to operate and collaborate with your increased weight loss efforts!

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