The 5 Best Teas for Weight Loss ...


The 5 Best Teas for Weight Loss ...
The 5 Best Teas for Weight Loss ...

When you think weight loss, you usually go straight to low calorie foods and lots of exercise to get that deficit going. Of course, those are the two main staples of successful weight loss, but there is also another factor that have a big impact, and that is tea! See, it’s not just something that you should have with a few nice chocolate biscuits every day! There are various types of the beloved beverage that actually have lots of super healthy properties. Here are the five best teas for weight loss.

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Valerian Tea

This is made from a herb that has long been praised for its mild sedative properties. A cup just before bed can really help you to get into that kind of droopy sleep mode that helps you to settle down. It will also prevent you from late night snacking.


Rooibos Tea

This is a tea that has the power to reduce your cortisol levels which are directly related to stress hormones. The more you drink, the less stressed you will be, and the less likely you will be to want to comfort eat.


Passionflower Tea

This is another tea that can wonders for helping to control your anxiety levels. Try drinking a cup of this rather than ploughing into a big bar of chocolate and your waistline will definitely thank you!


Chamomile & Lavender Tea

This is a winning combination, a tea that can relax you and help to suppress your appetite! It will improve your quality of sleep, which will in turn help you to be more aware and make better food choices in the day.


Green Tea

Green tea is probably the king of all herbal teas when it comes to helping with weight loss! Not only does it help to suppress appetite, but it also gives your metabolism a huge boost, meaning you are eating less and burning calories more efficiently!

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