How to Lose Weight when You're Lazy AF ...

By Glenys

How to Lose Weight when You're Lazy AF ...

Look, we all get it. The best way to drop those extra pounds and get in real shape is through good diet and exercise, the exercise part in particular playing the biggest part. What about, though, if you are someone who just can’t work up the enthusiasm or motivation to get to the gym or hit the pavement in a productive way? Sure, losing weight if you don’t want to work out can make for a harder process, but on the other hand, it’s not completely impossible either! Here is how to lose weight when you are lazy AF!

1 Pre-Meal Water

Before you sit down to have dinner, have a big glass of cold water. This will help in two ways: it will help to get your metabolism going nice and fast, and will also make you feel fuller so you won’t eat as big of a portion.

2 Food Focus

Be respectful of your food when you eat, in the sense that you should pay attention to the act of eating rather than shoving food in your mouth as you watch TV or talk on the phone. You will eat more slowly and won’t overdo it.

3 Smaller Plates

Trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a full portion by filling up a smaller plate. It is much more appetizing and pleasing to see a full small plate than a half empty big one.

4 Low Thermostat

It can really help your weight loss efforts if you turn down your thermostat and sleep in a colder room. Your body will work to burn more fat as you sleep if you are in a room with a temperature lower than 19 degrees.

5 Fat Burners

Add more foods to your diet that are known for their fat burning properties like olive oil, eggs, nuts, salmon, and hot peppers.

6 Don’t Eliminate

Don’t be overly strict with yourself and eliminate entire food groups that you love, because depriving yourself in this way will only cause a break and binge later on. It’s all about limiting, not completely restricting.

7 Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth after dinner every night rather than before bed, because when you feel the squeaky cleanliness in your mouth, you will be less tempted to ruin it with late night snacking.

8 Laugh!

And lastly, make sure to laugh as much as you possibly can! Studies have shown that laughing can encourage faster and more effective fat burning within the body, not to mention putting you in a better frame of mind overall!

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