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11 No Brainer Ways to Lose Weight ...

By Lydia

In theory, losing weight is simple and definitely not rocket science! Whilst it might be hard to work up the commitment and the motivation to actually put a weight loss plan into practise, the actual activities and habits that you need to implement in your life are some of the easiest and most accessible there are! Here are eleven no-brainer ways to lose weight.

1 Fruit Basket

Invest in a nice fruit basket that you can put out on your kitchen table and always have fully stocked. If it is there and looking appealing, you will be much more likely to grab a piece of fruit as a snack rather than something more calorific.

2 Hide Junk Food

If you live in a shared space where other people might have junk food and unhealthy snacks around, make the compromise with them to have those items out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind!

3 Unplug

Try to limit your time with technology and social media when you are at home because these activities are prone to messing up your sleep schedule and making you more likely to snack at odd hours.

4 Draw Lines

It can be really helpful to draw limit lines on bowls and deep plates in your kitchen, so you never make the mistake of giving yourself too big of a portion of something like stew or casserole.

5 Bento

Buy yourself an on-trend bento box. It is a fun way to organise your lunch, and it also forces you to be more appropriate with your portions of different foods. Things like cookies and candy bars just won’t fit!

6 Mirrors

Recent research has proven that the more mirrors you have in your home, the less likely you are to overeat and snack. Being able to see yourself reflected all the time will motivate you to stay on track.

7 Bigger Cereal

Make the switch from smaller flaked, overly processed cereals to things like granola that are bigger, more chunky and way more natural. They have a higher nutritional benefit and also fill you up with smaller portion.

8 Sit down

Research has shown that if you sit down to eat your food rather than munching on the go, you are more likely to chew more and chewing more can lead to better digestion and faster metabolism.

9 Open Sandwiches

Get into the habit of eating open sandwiches, because it takes away a whole portion of bread from your diet. Doing that every day can reduce your bread intake by 365 slices per year. Easy!

10 Get It on!

You know what the most fun form of exercise is? Sex! On average, women burn about 200 calories per 30 minutes of bedroom antics, so get down as much as you can!

11 Soft Music

It’s time to get your Adele playlist going! Research has shown that listening to soft music during dinner can actually lead to you consuming 18 percent fewer calories!

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