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4 Main Types of Fasting to Lose Weight ...

By Lydia

When you think of fasting, the first thing that might come to your mind is doing it for religious reasons, but there are plenty of people all over the world who also choose to fast as a method of cleansing and weight loss. Something that is extremely important with when you fast for weight loss and health reasons is that you know exactly how to do it safely. There are four tried and tested methods that continue to produce positive results for lots of different people. Here is some information about the four main types of fasting.

1 Water Fasting

This is the most powerful type of fast, but not the most recommended to be honest. It is when you commit to only consuming water for an extended period of time. It can produce fast results but can be unhealthy if not executed correctly.

2 Coconut Water Fasting

This involves only consuming the water from young green coconuts for a period of time. It is easier than straight water fasting because it gives you more calories to live on, and from a taste perspective, it is more appealing!


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3 Juice Fasting

One of the most popular fasts is a juice cleanse, where you only consume the blended juices from various fruits and vegetables. This is much more nutritious and balanced type of fast that one that only involves water. It is always good to plan a juice cleanse at a time in the year when good fruit and veg is in season.

4 Mono Fasting

As the name might suggest, this is when you consume only one type or fruit for an extended period at a time. Some might not class it as a fast as you are still eating something, but there is no doubting that the restriction has an effect on giving your digestive system a nice break.

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