5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Revolutionize Your Weight Loss ...


5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Revolutionize Your Weight Loss ...
5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Revolutionize Your Weight Loss ...

When it comes to losing weight, those who have yet to start out on their journey might be intimidated by the thought of all the hard work that is ahead of them. Of course, I’m not saying that dropping those pounds is going to be easy, because it isn’t. There will definitely be hard times, but not all of the work that you have to do is going to be killing yourself in the gym and depriving yourself of all of life’s luxuries. Sometimes, it’s actually the smaller changes that can help to make a huge difference. Here are five simple lifestyle tweaks that will revolutionise your weight loss.

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Keep a Food Diary

You would be surprised by just how much extra food, and therefore extra calories, people eat every day without realising it. From a spare chocolate in the office to an extra couple of potatoes at dinner, every little counts, and the only way that you can truly get on top of your accurate daily intake is to keep an honest food diary. It will help you to identify areas you can work on.


Drink More Water

Did you know that lots of people eat extra food because they mistake thirst for hunger? The symptoms are sometimes very similar, so next time you fancy a little snack, drink a bottle of water instead and see if that makes the cravings go away. Being super hydrated with a belly full of water also helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Take a Walk

Make the effort to choose to walk somewhere whenever there is an option to do so. Walk to work rather than take the bus, take the stairs rather than the elevator, all of these little things can add up to a lot more exercise over the course of a week or a month.


Eating Window

Be strict with yourself and give yourself a window of time in which you can eat. This will put a mental block in your head for snacking out of those hours, and you will be less likely to break the rules the longer you stick to them.


Small Goals

Don’t set yourself a goal of losing 80 pounds right off the bat, because that can be really intimidating. Instead, take it in small 10 pound milestones. 10 pounds will feel like a much more achievable goal, and then you can start all over again by moving onto the next milestone!

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