High ⬆️ Fiber Foods 🍏🍎 for People Who Want to Lose Weight ...

No food is going to make you lose weight simply by your consumption of it. The simple fact is that to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than your body is burning. There are however foods that you can eat to aid or boost your weight loss. High fiber foods are one such group.

1. Legumes

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Lentils, peas, and black beans are all loaded with fiber and contain protein as well. Fiber keeps you full and protein helps repair muscles after a strenuous workout. The combination of both will help you lose weight and put on lean muscles. They are also low in calories – a cup of peas has only 117 calories with 7g of fiber, whereas an ounce of lentils has 9g of fiber and only 99 calories. These little beauties also provide you with energy to handle tough workouts.

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