20 Detox Foods to Kick Start Your Weight Loss ...


20 Detox Foods to Kick Start Your Weight Loss ...
20 Detox Foods to Kick Start Your Weight Loss ...

It’s not rocket science to learn that the foods that you put into your body play one of the biggest roles in successful weight loss! Not only should you be looking to eat foods that have low calories and high nutritional value, but you should also be looking to eat foods that can have positive detoxifying effects on your body. There is nothing like a good detox to encourage dropping those extra pounds! Here are twenty detox foods to kick-start your weight loss.

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dish, food, vegetable, vegetarian food, cuisine, Artichokes are a classic detox food because they possess literally every good vitamin and nutrient you need from vitamins A, B, C, E and K to things like calcium and potassium.



local food, vegetable, natural foods, food, produce, Beets are high in antioxidants, which means that their anti-inflammatory nature makes them a great detoxing tool for your liver.



broccoli, vegetable, leaf vegetable, food, dish, Broccoli is another vegetable that is great for your liver. It’s key component is something called sulforaphane which encourages the liver to make enzymes that block attacks on your system.


Collard Greens

vegetable, leaf vegetable, vegetarian food, dish, food, Probably the one Southern soul food that is fully healthy! Packed with vitamins A and K as well as folate, they are wonderfully healthy and delicious with garlic.



flowerpot, herb, vase, plant, fennel, A great addition to salads and a great sauce component for fresh fish, dill is a herb that contains lots of iron and manganese, particularly good for women.



fennel, vegetable, ingredient, onion, vegetarian food, Fennel has a distinct liquorice taste and it is packed full of fibre which will help to keep you feeling much fuller for longer.


Green Tea

wood, coffee cup, cup, flooring, wood stain, A cup or two of green tea a day will help to both boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. The perfect weight loss combo!



drink, lemon, lemonade, health shake, mint julep, Lemon water has long been a staple of diets and detox cleanses, and its low calorie content but sharp flavour makes it an ideal detox food.



leaf vegetable, kale, vegetarian food, vegetable, superfood, The on-trend vegetable from a few years ago, kale is full of all the vitamins and antioxidants and can be put into anything from smoothies to juices to savoury meals.



dish, food, cuisine, fried food, vegetarian food, Onions are incredibly rich in nutrients and fibre, helping you to stay fuller for longer and also aiding calorie burn whilst reducing inflammation.



grass, It wards off vampires AND helps you lose weight! Garlic is another antioxidant wonder food that adds great depth of flavour whilst being super healthy.



plant, grass family, grass, wheatgrass, herb, Wheatgrass shots are super healthy and they can be fun too. One shot is packed full of amino acids and vitamins that help to keep your metabolism ticking.



dessert, food, parfait, frozen dessert, panna cotta, For good weight loss you need to know that your insides are working to their best ability, and the probiotic properties of natural yoghurt pump your body full of good gut bacteria.



food, vegetarian food, tableware, dairy product, breakfast, This yellow spice is not only delicious, but can also help to detox your liver thanks to its immense anti-inflammatory properties.



nuts & seeds, nut, superfood, food, commodity, Arguably the healthiest of all the nuts, almonds are the perfect substantial snack for someone trying to lose weight.



root vegetable, vegetable, food, tuber, ingredient, Ginger can help to reduce inflammation and regular your blood sugar, two things that are important when going through a weight loss period.



fruit, grapefruit, food, produce, citrus, A grapefruit for breakfast has long been regarded as a healthy option, but beware of overdosing because it does contain a certain enzyme that if overloaded, can actually slow down your metabolism.


Olive Oil

fruit, food, Olive oil mixed with lemon juice is a great potion for aiding weight loss. Some people even drink it straight as a detox beverage!



leaf vegetable, vegetable, vegetarian food, herb, dish, Seaweed and other algae have the power to really optimise liver function, which in turn will boost your body’s ability to flush out toxins.



dish, food, avocado, vegetarian food, vegetable, Avocado is full of fat, but it’s that good essential fat that we all need. It’s high omega-3 content makes it the kind of food you want to be eating all the time over sugary, fatty processed junk.

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