Helpful Ways to Lose Belly Fat Based in Psychology ...


Helpful Ways to Lose Belly Fat Based in Psychology ...
Helpful Ways to Lose Belly Fat Based in Psychology ...

When it comes to weight loss, there is no arguing that your physicality and physical activity is the thing that makes the difference and drops the pounds, but that doesn’t mean that you can mentally check out of the equation. Your mind needs to be just as on board as the rest of your body if you want to achieve great results, and the more you can come to terms with the processes and ins and outs of why you are doing things rather than just blindly doing them, the more motivated you will be. Here are some ways to lose belly fat based in psychology.

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Eat Fewer Calories than You Burn

On average, your body probably burns about 1800 calories a day, so the only thing that you really need to get your head around when it comes to your diet is consuming less than that per day is going to result in a negative deficit. Negative deficits are what you should be aiming for in order to get your body to start eating its existing fat.


Diet Vs. Cardio

Lots of people get caught up in trying to become fitness aficionados in their weight loss journey, but the fact is that diet is more important than exercise if you have to choose between the two. You could run a marathon every single day, but if you follow that up with a bucket of KFC every evening then that cardio is going to be for nothing.


Insulin Spike

You need to watch out for your insulin levels becoming too high because this will cause your body to store fat rather than burn it. In fact, if your insulin levels are too high, then you won’t lose weight no matter what you are doing. Make sure that you understand this fact first and foremost in order to be able to get your body right for weight loss.


Morning Workout

It might mean a change in your attitude and your early morning motivation, but it is really recommended that you work out when you wake up, even before your first meal of the day! Getting that exercise in and raising your metabolism right at the start of the day can be very helpful for helping your calorie burning and digestion for the hours ahead. High intensity exercise can increase the fat burning state of your body for up to twelve hours.


Ignore the Scales

Don’t get too hung up about the number that you see when you step on the scales, because this doesn’t always reflect the positive changes that are happening with your body. You might be losing lots of inches on your waist, but only one or two pounds, and this is because muscle weighs more than fat. The time that you weigh yourself can also produce dramatically different results due to factors like water weight. Don’t get too down if the number you see don’t meet your expectations.

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