How to Get Rid of Excess Skin after Weight Loss ...

It is one of the cruelest and most demotivating things in the world. You work really hard on your diet and exercise regime and you succeed in dropping a tonne of weight, only to be left with a whole bunch of excess skin that hasn’t been able to snap back in to place. It feels like a whole new blow after the uplifting feeling of getting in shape, but don’t lose all hope because there are some things that can help. Here is how to get rid of excess skin after weight loss.

1. Exercise

The first, most obvious tip is just to keep carrying on with your current work out regime. It has worked for you so far in terms of dropping the excess weight, so now it might be time to focus on muscle building and toning techniques that might be able to provide a new tautness and strength to the skin that has been left behind. It takes much more time for skin to shrink than for fat to burn away, so you will have to be patient and keep plugging away with your body transformation.

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