Give Your Kitchen the Marie Kondo Treatment to Lose Weight ...


Give Your Kitchen the Marie Kondo Treatment to Lose Weight ...
Give Your Kitchen the Marie Kondo Treatment to Lose Weight ...

For the last few months, we have all let the wonderful ideology of Marie Kondo into our lives to help us declutter our homes and therefore our minds, but did you know that you can take this ideology and apply to other areas of your day to day existence for even better results? Take Marie’s core philosophies and apply them directly to the kitchen; it can be a real life changer. Here is how to give your kitchen the Marie Kondo treatment to lose weight.

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Does It Spark ...

Rather than taking a food item or dish and asking whether it brings you joy, ask if it brings you good health! If the answer is no, then it is time to get rid of that from your diet. Your aim should be to only keep around the foods and meals that spark healthy choices within your body. Everything else is actively working against weight loss.


Declutter Countertops

If you walk into your kitchen and see a great big mess on your countertops, you are going to be much more likely to want to order takeout rather than make space for healthy cooking. The cleaner your kitchen is, the more likely you are going to be to want to spend time in it and make better choices with your dining habits.



Just like Marie wants you to do with your closets and drawers, you should be looking to reorganise your fridge in order to encourage new, healthy habits. Throw away anything and everything that is expired, throw away those snacks and ingredients that have absolutely no nutritional or weight loss value and make a fresh start with all fresh produce.


Clean out Cupboards

Do the exact same thing with your kitchen cupboards, you don’t need those year old pop tarts, and even though you might not ever actually eat them, looking at them every day could be something that it sticking in your mind and making you crave sweeter, sugary foods later on in the day when you are out and about.


Set a Routine

The more you can treat dinner time like bedtime, the healthier you will be. Be strict with yourself when it comes to having a designated meal time every single day. Eat at the same time, and eat at the dinner table rather than in front of the television. It will encourage you to pay more attention to your dinner, and you will end up making better food choices as a result.

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