6 Helpful Tips for Fasting for Weight Loss ...


6 Helpful Tips for Fasting for Weight Loss ...
6 Helpful Tips for Fasting for Weight Loss ...

If you need to kickstart your weight loss journey, have reached a weight loss plateau, or you feel like you want to do something that is going cleanse and detoxify your body, then fasting is an option. On the face of it, it can sometimes seem that fasting is a rather extreme or dangerous thing to do, and it absolutely can be if you go into it without any kind of knowledge or information. If you know what you are doing, however, it can be really beneficial and effective. Here are six solid **tips for fasting for weight loss. **

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More than Food

You will get more out of your fasting experience if you do more than just food and nutrition. Consider fasting on things like television, social media, reading the news. It is actually quite amazing how getting away from the hectic craziness of the modern world can bring you back to the centre of yourself.



It’s all about picking the right location to go through a fasting experience. You want somewhere that is going to be stress free and enjoyable, somewhere with nice clean air that makes for the perfect health inducing environment. There are plenty of retreat type places that you can visit to achieve the highest level of fasting and cleansing satisfaction as possible.


Mental and Physical Prep

You can’t just wake up one day and decide that it is going to be the start of your fast. You will find that you are much more motivated and likely to succeed if you take time to prepare yourself. Eat smaller meals leading up to the big day so that your stomach isn’t expanded, and just take some time to practise some mindfulness every day, preparing you for the journey ahead.



You shouldn’t try to set out on a fast without telling anybody what you are doing. It is always best to have someone who can supervise or check in on you to make sure you are on the right track and not doing yourself any damage.


No Contest

Don’t get into a frame of mind where you are competing with yourself to see how long you can stay fasting, because that is how people become ill. You need to make sure you listen to your body and stop when it is telling you to stop, because once you pass that threshold with no energy to help, you can suffer quickly


End Carefully

Make sure that you come out of the fast in a careful and steady manner, because doing otherwise can be a dangerous shock to the system. Do things like chew your food up really well to aid digestion, and try to adopt a healthier diet overall than had before in order to maintain a lot of the positives you gained from the fast.

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