9 Genius Ways to Get a Flat Belly in a Week ...


9 Genius Ways to Get a Flat Belly in a Week ...
9 Genius Ways to Get a Flat Belly in a Week ...

When you start out with some new health and fitness goals, it would be fair to say that achieving a nice flat tummy is something that is at the top of most people’s lists! Not only does it improve your confidence and allow you to have that sought-after bikini body, but reducing fat around your middle section is one of the number one things to do in order to reduce the risk of ailments like heart disease and diabetes. Here are nine ways to get a flat belly in a week.

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Less Salt

Step away from too much seasoning for a week, because salt is attracted to water in your body that has the potential to bunch up and cause bloating around your stomach area. It can result in an undesirable puffy belly appearance.


Cut Carbs

Cut down on your carb consumption to see if it makes a difference. Stay away from so-called heavy carbs like pasta and bagels, and instead, your body will reach for the stored carbohydrates in your body and burn those off.


Starch Switch

Have a think about switching your starch of choice up if you always feel bloated after eating things like pasta, corn, potatoes, and wheat. In fact, rice is the only starch that doesn’t cause gas.


One of the best ways to get a flat belly in a week is to switch up your starch of choice. Rice is the only starch that doesn't cause gas, so it's a great option. Other healthy alternatives that are low in calories and can help reduce bloating include quinoa, buckwheat, and sweet potatoes. Additionally, decreasing the amount of processed foods you eat and adding more fiber-rich foods to your diet will help you feel fuller, longer, and reduce bloating. Eating foods high in probiotics, like yogurt, can also help reduce bloating.



Did you know that about 1 in 10 of us are actually lactose intolerant and we don’t even know it? If you tend to have stomach issues after drinking milk or eating cheese, then go for a week without it and see if your stomach looks flatter.


Fruit Swaps

Switch out the fruits that you usually eat during the week for things like berries, citrus, and grapes, because these fruits have a fructose to glucose ratio that makes them easily digestible.


Hot Sauce

You might have a taste for spice, but you should probably stay away from hot sauce to see if it makes a difference. Spicy foods and sauces can stimulate a release of stomach acid, which in turn causes irritation and inflammation.


Diet Foods

Don’t bother with so-called ‘diet foods’ that are marketed as being low fat or low sugar etc. because they are often pumped full of additives and alternative ingredients that cause gas and bloating.



Give your body a break from alcohol to maximise your flat tummy efforts. Boose causes dehydration, and dehydration causes your body’s metabolism to slow down and not be so effective for burning calories.



It’s not rocket science guys; just make the commitment to do some moderate exercise every single day! Along with cardio you should look in to doing some HIIT, because it is that type of high speed, high burst activity that really gets your abs working and your fat burning!

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